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Neon tetras are the most popular and most beautiful fish in the United States. They deserve specail treatment in the community tank. But breeding them aren't easy. Thus is why they aren't commercaily bred in the U.S. I'll go step by step on how to breed neon tetras.
equipment needed.
10 gallon aqaurium
baby neon food;live brine
rain water (if possible)
water at 75 to 78f for spawning
7.0 ph level
still water before spawning
no gravel; expecially sand
no snails, for they eat eggs
foilage (meaning plants)

The breeding tank should be clean of everyhing except a single foliage (plant). Some aquarist think it's ok to keep snails in the breeding tank. This is not true. Snails are scavenders. They eat eggs. Before putting the parents in the breeding tank, the water should be stertilized by boiling for twenty minutes. This will kill any bacteria in the water (stertilizes). The pH should be as close as you can get to 7.0. The water temputer should be 75-78f for the spawing. Rain water would be the best for this is you can gather it. Once you choose the male and female put the into the breeding tank. Female being round in comparison to the slim male. Refer to Fish Facts for help. Use a dim light or cover the aquarium with a sheet to dim the sun's light. If your lucky, they'll start breeding the next morning. The eggs are about the size of a grain of sand and practically invisable. This is why you can't have gravel or sand. The eggs fall at random and will be lost if fallen on any gravel. Once the spawning is over and the eggs are laid, the female should be removed first for she will eat them. The male will chase here around the yank to prevent this. Have plenty of brine shrimp ready for the offspring will hatch the next day or in 36 hours.

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