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My life is out of control,
Threatening to do me in.
Nothing is like the dream.
Everything feels wrong,
The road eternally long.

I pray...

"My Lord, help me reach my goals,
I know You know where I have been.
I need to lift You up,
to make You Lord again...

Where do I begin?"

He said...
"Come and be my child forever,
I'll take you back again.
My Love is as strong as death itself,
Burning like a blazing fire,
A mighty Flame, exposing sin.

Many waters can not quench my love.
Rivers can not wash it away.
There is no price for the love of thy Lord.
Come My child, be free... stay".

© 1998, Ms. Carol Dierking
All Rights Reserved

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© 1999, Ms. Carol Dierking
All Rights Reserved

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