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Pam Griswold
Philip, SD 57567
or cell 605-515-0343

  • Specialize in a barefoot trim
  • I am patient and calm with your horses
  • Reliable and on time
  • Will travel to Rapid City, Philip, Kadloka and Wall
  • $40 per horse

I have had experience with barefoot horses since 1997. I started having my horses barefoot at first because it was cheaper. I continued it because it is healthier for the horses. I started trimming my own horses because I had an idea of a trim in mind and could not find a farrier to trim that way. Too many of the farriers trimmed a horse to set them up for shoes. I was seeing my horses with too flat a foot and too much heel. I have been trimming since 2004. I have a horse that foundered that my vet thought I should put down. He started cantering around 3 months after he foundered.
The barefoot trimmer I appreciate most is Pete Ramey. I have attended a clinic of his and have watched many of his DVD's.


  • Trim $40 per horse. I charge a flat fee without a mileage charge. I will travel to Rapid City, Wall, Philip and Kadoka. I might travel to othere areas with a mileage fee or with more than one horse to trim.

  • May 30, 2011

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