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Lone Star's Horses Finding Families

Finessa is staying in South Dakota! She is home with Ronald and Eleanor, helping Ronald enjoy riding.

Billy Bob went with Finessa to keep her company.

Shannon is staying in South Dakota! He found a great partner with Kristi.

Ace's Red Wing(Dakota)is at his new home in Nebraska with his soul mate, Dayle

Perfect Touch found a great home in Tennessee with Carol

Spunky went to Tennessee to keep Touch company

Dawn found her way to California back to the breeder that owns her dam.

Frisco found a super family to love with Becky and Kevin in Minnesota!

Shadow found a new home in North Dakota.

Rio and Chico went to 2 knowledgeable horse people in Taos, New Mexico.

Shasta and Monterey went to a good home in North Dakota.

Dakota found a new home here in South Dakota with a up and coming rodeo champ.

Sadie's new home is with Liz and Brain in Nebraska.

Chico went to keep Sadie, Brain and Liz company in Nebraska.

Smokey won his owners heart in Colorado.

Grey never made it to my For Sale page! He went to a good friend of mine in Rhode Island

Melody went to Pueblo, CO to keep Ice Man company!

Ice Man found a great home with a family in Pueblo, CO.

Bonnie Blue is now at her new home in Montana with a foxtrotter breeder.

Scooter picked his new family. They are Cheryl and Mack from Texas!

Finessa is a pasture mate to Sonny. She is in Lubbock with John and Nancy.

Apache has a great new home with Stan, Rose and Kaylie in New Mexico

Commotion is now at home with Roger and Linda in Longview, Texas.

Lady is with Jan Marie and Richard, a super nice family in Lubbock, Texas.

Lucky Day Austin is at his new home in Michigan with Karen, Jim and Amanda.

Sonny is now at home in Lubbock, Texas with Johnny and Nancy.

Glitterman or Dusty as we called him has a new home here in Texas.

Satin is in her new home, being pampered in Alabama.

Elfin is at her new home in Florida.

Boogie is at his new home in Dimmet, Texas. Brent, his new owner is an advanced Parelli student who is helping Boogie through his fears.

Lightning found an extremely loving and natural horsemanship home in south Texas with Pam and Dick!

Rosie did not leave Missouri for long. She is back home with Gary and Elizabeth near Springfield, Mo.

Genesis is at home with Terry and Becky in Oklahoma

Gait Keeper went to a very lucky home in Littleton, Colorado.

Charity went to a family with children in Show Low, Arizona

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