Heart Of A Rescuer
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Heart Of A Rescuer

(Submitted by: Sara Cullum)

Taking care of rescue horses and ponies is something I do best, I know because I do it and I surly pass the test. The horses and ponies I brush, fed, the cleaning of the stalls, and all to watch them learn to trust me, for in their eyes I see, the love I have given them come shinning back at me. Some people think I`m crazy, some others think I am great, but very few can understand what really is at stake. If, I can love and help horses and ponies to find a better way, my life is much more richer, that I look forward to each day that comes. So, now you know my secret, it is there for all to see----the love I give, the life I save. My name is Sara Cullum, I own and operated a horse and pony rescue farm in south Alabama, I try to save all the unwanted horses and ponies I can. I have two program`s as of now: 1. LIFE CARE 2. ADOPTION

Writing another short story soon.

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