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Submitted by: Arianne

When we first got into horses, we bought an older (22) pony mare, whom we called Misty. All 5 of us kids loved her to death, she was our favorite horse to ride, although we had a much younger pinto pony and mare and foal we had bought at the time, we bought Misty. She was old, and showed from her slightly swayed back and hair graying around her eyes. She was also fast, everybody that saw us riding her couldn't believe how hyper and ready to go she was when you were mounted on her. We had planned on one of us showing her in 4-H and mostly concentrate on the gaming. After we joined 4-H during the summer we bought her, it was too late to show her in the fair, so we decided to wait until the next year. well, we didn't even end up having her for a full 6 months, on January 17, 1996 during the day while my parents were at work and us kids at school, she slipped on a patch of ice and broke hip, severely, you could lift her leg straight upwards if you'd of tried to. so that night the vet came and put her to sleep. It was a really sad moment for us younger kids, we still think of that lil' bay pony we use to have, and wish she was still here with us today. Right now we have 6 horses, that lil' pinto pony, the ol' white mare, my golden dun quarter horse, and a white Arabian mare and bay quarter horse mare that we purchased on the same day at different farms 3 weeks ago. So we actually have all the horses we need, but we would much rather have that lil' bay pony that we used to have.

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