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Submitted by: Amanda Rose

"That foal should've been beautiful." said the elderly farmer. "Instead I've got this long legged, big eared, long necked, thing that looks as though it's part mule. What the 'ell happened too the breeding you set up for me, huh?"
"Well Mr. Huan the foals dam was the most beautiful and gentle mare our stable had, and well the foals sire, is the best jumper, in Canada, and perhaps the whole world, is considered one of the most beautiful horses of the century, and is by far the best-"
"The highest studding fee you mean."
"The stud fee is very fair."
"It would've been fair if I'd gotten something worthwhile, Ms. Harrier, but obviously I didn't. I don't want that ugly foal, you can give it too a slaughter house for all I care." and with that Mr. Huan was gone, leaving his foal in a pasture with his mother.
Ms. Harrier sold the foal as soon as she could. For once she agreed with the farmer, the foal was ugly. She had expected the foal to get prettier; it's black, brown, and chestnut coat with a flaxen mane and tail to turn black due to the black circle around his eyes but the coat didn't change.
The first person who came to look at the foal, a young lady hoping to open up a small riding stable bought the foal, due too it's low price, of only $100.00, which really was a bargain for a foal with such good breeding.
The young lady, Ms. Uorse gave the foal what it needed, nothing more nothing less, so she didn't really care for the foal. That winter, the foals coat started to change, but everyone was too busy with the stable and getting customers that they didn't notice. The multicolored coat slowly changed bright, shinning chestnut, with tiny bits of flaxen on the mane and tail. The foal got a tiny stripe down his forehead, and four white socks. The foal was indeed very beautiful, but no one noticed, because quite often the foal wasn't even groomed.
When the foal became a yearling, people began to work the foal. The people that worked the foal were tough, but fair. They trained the foal well but didn't mind leaving the yearling with a few bloody cuts, and sores.
Eventually the foal became a gelding. It was then when riders were plopped on and off his back not really caring about the welfare of the gelding as long as he'd allow them to ride, and do whatever the students said. The gelding should've gotten a hard mouth, and a broken spirit but luckily for some reason the people but on the gelding where sympathetic and kind riders.
One day when the gelding was about four a mean spiteful rider was assigned too the gelding. He rode with a crop, and spurs. His legs where very strong due too his many years of construction work. He gave the gelding no rein, which gave the gelding a bloody mouth. The teacher was going to protest but the man was a very high payer. In the end he bought the gelding.
The gelding spent one year of pure torcher before he was rescued, when he through the man off his back, giving the man a concussion. The man sold the gelding for a very cheap price, too a very good rider.
In was there when the geldings life became good. The rider loved the gelding, and trained the gelding very nicely, to jump over jumps. The rider cared for the gelding and saw his beauty.
One day the rider checked over the geldings papers. She learned that he had excellent breeding. And that he was indeed as he suspected a Hanoverian purebred. His father a famous jumper, his mother a well known dressage, gold medal winner. The rider was very impressed that is until she learned his true name. "Nag."
She tried to change it, not wanting to show the gelding until he got a worthwhile name. She only learned that she could add letters to the geldings name. She changed it.
Over the years the rider and the gelding won many things. Once they mastered jumping they moved on too dressage, and, mastered that too.
After a while of rest, the rider and the gelding, won a 5,00 mile endurance race, one day ahead of all the other riders. The rider then went on to three day eventing, which they also finished first, in one of the largest competitions. The rider went on to the Olympics, all the equestrian events, and won pure golds.
The name became one of the best known names ever. Many considered the name very spirit lifting. On the geldings retirement tour the rider was very proud of the horses name.
In fact she read a whole speech, which began, "When I learned the horse's previous name, I was shocked. But then I realized that at one time people considered this wonderful horse a nag. So I changed the name from "Nag" to a name that I felt would suit him most, and so he is now known as, "Once A Nag."

The End

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