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One Terrific Mister

Submitted by: Kim

My horses name is One Terrific Mister or known by Monty. He is a 98' chestnut AQHA, APHA gelding. I showed him a our local fair in 98' and he got reserve. As you see, I usually show at the big show at Houston and the world shows but this is a fun activity. Well, I had to sell him and I was broken hearted. I called my grandmother and asked her to buy him. She refused but then agreed she would. I was so happy but I went in the sell pen in tears. I didn't think they would win the bid. I should have known they would though. The bid went to 10,000 and I said to myself no we didn't get him. Then announcer said sold 10,000 to my grandparents. I was so happy that I ran out of the pen a gave them a big hug and I didn't forget to give Monty one. Now he is two and is broke to ride and as soon as I get him trained we will be heading to the show pen. It may take a while for me to go into the show pen since I am training him myself.

If you have any questions or want to know more about my horse e-mail me and I will be glad to tell you.

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