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Inseperable- A Story Of The Bond Between Horse And Rider

Cindy took in a deep breath and loosened her grip on the leathery steering wheel. It was a bright summers morning, the kind of day that you know just can't go wrong. She'd been up since five, awaken by her alarm clock to feed, groom and muck out stalls, a routine she had done so many times she'd lost track. Quickly glancing at her watch she realized it was a mere two hours until the auction would begin. She she pulled the bright red Dodge Ram into the gravel drive of the auction house she smiled to herself. Three years ago she had gotten a job at the local veterinary hospital as a certified assistant. Cindy had flown in and and out of school, skipping numerous grades and then breezing through vet school. The job paid well and she had a great time at it, being around horses all day and meeting new people. Today she planned on spending nearly half of her lifetimes savings on the horse of her dreams. All her life she had been anticipating this day. Taking another breath she opened the cab door and hopped out. After taking a glance at the beige four horse trailer in tow she headed for the barn. Walking confidently through the doors she took in the familiar smells. A mix of leather, hay, manure and that smell horses just seem to have. That one that can bring back so many memories, and for Cindy it was even better than hot fudge. Pushing aside a loose strand of strawberry blonde hair she spotted a face she knew from somewhere. And then she heard his voice, that husky yet friendly tone from what seemed like yesterday. As he turned around Cindy grinned at the man in the creased jeans, deep brown boots and flannel shirt. It was Charlie, the man who had trained her last horse. "Why hello Cindy! I heard," he continued in sympathy "I'm sorry. Four years ago Cindy's horse Triumph was competing in the biggest show of his life, The Royal Cup '90. Everything had been going great, he was ready for the big step up and oozed capability. As the two were approaching the second to last jump he spooked and went hurdling into the towering blue and white over. Cindy had escaped with a concussion and snapped wrist, but Triumph was less fortunate. He had fractured his leg in three places, leaving them with no option but to be put down. Charlie's words brought back deeply unwanted memories, but Cindy knew the man meant no harm. Smiling she quickly changed the subject. "So do you have any horses in the auction Charlie?" she asked hopefully. "You bet" he replied casually putting a hand in his pocket. "Really!" Cindy exclaimed excitedly. Charlie had done the best possible job training Triumph, and not only did she trust him in training a horse but looked forward to seeing his latest work. He showed her a few colts, but they were all too young. If a young horse is jumped too early you can cause permanent damage. "I think around five is what I need" she told Charlie. "You're gonna like this one then" he said, a touch of anticipation in his voice. Charlie unlatched the stall door and walked in. Inside was a thing of true beauty. Just from looking at the mare Cindy could see the works of Charlie. Her well muscled shoulders, rippling hindquarters and the gleam in her eyes. The chestnut bobbed her head happily and nickered. "This here is 'One of a Kind," he said nodding to the mare. "Her grandsire is the same as Big Ben's and out of a talented broodmare." Big Ben in Cindy's mind was the greatest jumper ever. He was a Canadian Champion show-jumper, bred and raised in Germany. World famous and had the respect of the nation. She admired the mare's straight long legs and strong back. A great conformation set up for a jumper. Cindy knew she'd be a lot of money, but they seemed to click and this was definitely what she'd come for. "I'm willing to pay my whole savings for her" Cindy exclaimed. 'One of a Kind whined excitedly and paced her stall more. "Guess she agrees" chuckled Charlie. "But she's a big interest with lots of betters Cindy, be ready." Cindy said her farewells to Charlie and looked at more potential horses. Just as she has suspected though, none matched up to 'One of a Kind or Kindle as Cindy had already nicknamed her. After seeing over a dozen horses she took her seat in the bleachers and got ready to bid like her father had taught her, not too fast and warily. 'One of a Kind was the very first horse to be bid on, a warm up for the crowd was Cindy's guess. Optimistically she observed the mare as she was lead around the ring on a lead line, her coat shimmering under the lights. Cards flashed in the air so quickly it was amazing. The auctioneer was thrilled and his words were a slur of gibberish to her. Suddenly hope began to fade when the bids were just five thousand dollars off her limit. Cindy flashed her after the others. "Going once, going twice and sold!! To the lucky lady in the front row for eighty thousand dollars!" the man yelled. Cindy grinned. Although a little over her limit, she'd just bought her dream horse. That night after Cindy had settled Kindle into her new stall she began planning the next day. A whole new beginning. Just after planning the warm up Cindy made the mistake of yawning and was soon sound asleep The buzzing alarm clock rang at it's usual five in the morning and Cindy was relieved to see a cloudless sky and a light breeze shuffling the trees. 'One of a Kind was fine while tacking up and even better during the warm up. So far, so good. Cindy clucked to the radiant mare who broke into an even, flowing canter. All of a sudden a deer leaped out of nowhere from in the bushes in front of the pair. 'One of a Kind reared, frightened as ever as Cindy reached desperately for a handful of mane. But her hand just wouldn't grip the fine hairs and she slipped off the mare's back. It seemed as though she was floating through the air forever when she finally hit the ground and the world seemed to turn upside down. Not long later Cindy woke up dizzily in the barn office with ice on her forehead. Her parents had found her there thanks to Kindle who had ran to the house frantically looking for help. Thankfully both were injury free, just worried. In the next two years 'One of a Kind progressed incredibly and had gained so much in very little time. Nothing like that clear skied day ever happened again and the mare was a handful of talent. Cindy and the mare developed a bond so tight nothing could interfere. She learned to jump unspeakable heights and her stall door was constantly covered in ribbons. One day Cindy received a letter in the mail. It turned out to be an invitation to Royal Cup '96, a perfect opportunity for Kindle to be nominated for Horse Of The Year. It was a tough decision, but Cindy knew it was the right thing to do. Squirming in the saddle, Cindy waited for their turn. 'One of a Kind calmly chomped on her bit and sighed. Before she could change her mind the number seven was called. Kindle trotted effortlessly into the ring and halted for Cindy to salute before taking on the course. The two sailed over hedges, gates, water jumps, combinations and a bicycle jump before the judge called "Two to go!" The next jump was an oxer and Cindy aimed the mare for it. Suddenly she saw it was the jump which had ended in tragedy for Triumph, the blue and white oxer. Before she knew it the jump wasn't so far away, in fact it was right in front of her and 'One Of A Kind went down on her knees, tumbling into the jump as Cindy flew over her head. And then it went quiet. So quiet Cindy felt alone, not even able to hear her own breathing, he limbs numb. A week later Cindy woke to find herself in a hospital. "Where is she Mom? I let her down!" she cried whispering. "It's okay sweetie, we're here" gasped Mrs. Andrews. "Kindle, where is she?" Cindy spoke frantically and impatiently. "She's at the vet's dear. She has to......." There was a long and hollow silence before Cindy took her mother's and hand. "What?" she asked even more worry and strain in her voice. "She had to be put down. She is being uthernized right now" her mother turned to choke back tears and then turned to face her pale daughter but she was no longer there. Mysteriously, Cindy had vanished. Guessing Cindy had snuck away to think alone, Mrs. Andrews got up to let the nurses know. Quickly she remembered her daughter had been paralyzed, unable to function at all. Her thoughts were interrupted by the phone. "Hello?" she managed to speak. "Mrs. Andrews, this is Dr.Burgess calling, Cindy's vet. This will seem very strange to you mam, but please try to believe me. I know this is tough, but uhh well you're daughters horse seems to have vanished" he notified her uneasily. "They always were inseparable" mumbled her mother tearily in awe.

This beautiful story was sent in by Brittany. Thanks Brittany!

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