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The Dreaded Show

Submitted by: Amanda Rose

It was my first show. After spending many lessons of practicing I knew I was ready. At the time I had only ridden about 23 times. The contests I was entered in were walking and trotting in English saddle. I had two and they were back to back. I was nervous of course but to make me even more I new I was ridding Buttons the most disobedient and ridiculed horse of the whole stable!
About 30 minutes later, my mom called me, "Amanda, get ready it's only 5 minutes until we go to the show!"
I put on the full riding uniform. It was time to go.
Soon about 15 minutes later, my mom was forcing me into the car. I nervously took the backseat. My dad gave me a speech about how proud of me he'll be even if I don't show well.
Another 15 minutes passed and I was at the stables. I went to Buttons stall and tacked him up. Then seeing on the bulletin board that my show was the first I went out to the ring. It was flooded with people! I easily mounted Buttons. (She was a Shetland pony and I just about as tall as her.) A man who I recognized to be Fred Duke, the owner of Dukes Ranches (The stable.) adjusted my stirrups.
I walked around the arena a couple of times when the announcer, Cheryl Kazemir gave a short speech about the show then she started the first competition.
It went by in a flash. Finally, Cheryl called everyone to the middle to face the crowd and take two steps backward.
After that, the judge delivered the score sheet to the announcer (Not Cheryl but the people in the big stand thing.)
One minute seemed to never end when all of a sudden the announcer called out: "First place goes to number 361..."
Hey wasn't that my number!
Anyway: ...First place goes to number 361 Amanda Termeer.
I was so happy when the ribbon giver gave me the red first place and the lead rope you get for winning. I passed it on to my parents who were beaming with pride and started the second completion.
The very same thing happened I got first again. (This time I got a bristle brush for winning.)
When I went to the stall and un-tacked Buttons, a group of 6-8 year olds mobbed me.
Can I pet her? That was the main question. Now Buttons is very popular, she isn't ridiculed any more. I couldn't believe it but Buttons was hiding her talent for shows!!!
I hope that this story will give hope to those beginner riders at there first competition riding a supposive "Problem Horse" a hope that they will do excellent!


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