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Texas Indians

General Resources
Specific Nations and Groups
To American Indians Main Page
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Pottery Page
Southwestern Studies Page

General Texas Indian Resources

Texas Indian Artifacts
Handbook of Texas Online Search - includes little-known nations
Indians of Texas
Native Americans in Texas
Texas Republic and the Cherokee
Texas Indians
Federal Indian Policy in Texas, 1845-60
Indian Inhabitants of Texas
The Paleo-Indian Period - Clovis
Native American Tribes of Texas
American Indians in Texas at the Spanish Colonial Missions
Indian Nations of Texas
Texas Indian Tribes
Texas Arrowheads and Artifacts

Specific Texas Indian Nations and Groups

To Alabama-Coushatta
Comanche, Kiowa, and Apache of Texas
Coahuiltecan, Jumano and Other American Indians of the Rio Grande Region
Tonkawa Indians
Wichita Indians
Karankawa Links

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