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Mark's Album Pages

Thank you for visiting Mark's memorial pages which display many of my favorite photos taken throughout his life.

From little boy to a flash!

After the scouting picture, Mark ended the school year, still very small. When school began after summer, he had grown five inches in height, his voice was changing, his hair turned curly, having always been straight before. My sister, Mark's Aunt Anne, had always cut his hair. When this started happening, she remarked on one occasion, "Look at this...what's going on here!".....While Mark didn't attend a prom for a school that he attended, he accompanied a young lady as her date to her prom. He loved to dress up for occasions and felt entirely dapper and full of himself in this tux.

and then, Mark, the man he became...

Mark with his beloved Natalie, the love of his life, and with her darling daughter, Amanda, whom he adored--The little family he yearned to call his own.

Mark's last photo, taken just hours before his accident.

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and then, Mark, the man he became...