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Poet's Page

I have found many poets out there in the world who love to share their work wiht everyone they can. A lot of it, I think could be published ina heartbeat. These people deserve to have their work shown as much as possible.. Look them over and tell me if you don't agree. I think you will.

Ladycat- A wonderful poet whose talent can only be equaled by the emotion she puts into her work

Christian Dreams- based on a dream that Ladycat had one night.
Hurting-you have to read this one for yourself...words cannot describe it.
Letting Go- A poem written in rememberance of friends of hers that passed away.

Alicat- A very talented and varied poet. From satire to epic, he has made a name for himself.

Sadistic Tease- A funny view on sadism, masocism, and prostitution