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Nam.Lugal - The Kingship

Rulers of Sumer, Akkad, Assyria, Babylon and Babylonia (including Ummayyad Caliphate of Damascus and the Caliphs and Governors of Baghdad) from the Beginning to the Present

1. Sumerian Kinglist: from the beginning of Kingship to the end of the Isin-Larsa period (around 1800 b.c.e.)
2. Assyrian and Babylonian Kings from around 1800 b.c.e. to the end of the Chaldæan Dynasty (539 b.c.e.)
3. Persian Kings (including the Seleucid Dynasty), from the Achæmenid Dynasties to the end of the Sassanid Dynasty (539 b.c.e. - 633 c.e.)
4. Islamic Caliphates from Abu Bekr, the Father-in-Law of the Prophet, to the destruction of Baghdad by the Mongols (633 - 1258 c.e.)
5. Mongol and other Dynasties from Hulagu to the end of Safavid (Iranian) rule of Baghdad (1258 - 1534 c.e.)
6. Ottoman to Present from Suleiman the Magnificent to Saddam Hussein.