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A Salute to Rosalynn Sumners
Thanks to Paula Slater at her site The Golden Skate and her assistant, Traci, for designing this banner.

This is my salute to a chartered member of Stars On Ice
Silver medalist in women's figure skating
1984 Winter Olympic Games - Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.

Roz skated to "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" from the movie CLOSER at Tribute To The Movies On Ice. The show was in mid-February at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Ca., and aired on NBC-TV on February 27, 2005, the day of the awards show. Special thanks to Tina Tyan, webmistress of The Kurt Files website.

"I think I just want to be remembered for what feelings I brought to people; for having brought emotion into people's lives; and just for giving them that little peek into what we love to do so much." --- Roz, in an interview with American Skating World magazine, from January 1996, upon being named Professional Skater of the Year by the magazine.

This updated photo of Roz and I was taken January 17, 2003, at Nationals in Dallas, Texas. Roz was at a book signing for "Frozen Assets: The New Order of Figure Skating" and signed my book.

This was autographed by Roz after the Stars On Ice tour stop in Dallas the evening of January 23, 1999. She skated to "After All These Years", sung so elegently by Anne Cochran and played so brilliantly by Jim Brickman. Both were musical guests at the wedding for Roz and Bob Kain...scroll down for a bit of info and the official wedding photo of Roz and Bob.

Here's Anne with yours truly after the makeup concert by Jim Brickman at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas, the night of January 11, 2006. Her website can be found here.

After an outstanding 13-year professional touring career with Stars On Ice plus working as a commentator and skating show host, Roz has moved on with her life off the ice. She had worked as an interior designer with her own company based out of Seattle, Washington, and had a retail store as well for a couple of years.

"When you put yourself in a new learning experience, you open yourself up as a target and after that sort of experience -- in these letters -- I kind of went, 'Wait a minute, I don't need this in my life, I don't need a whole new batch of criticism.'" --- Roz, in an interview with Blades On Ice magazine fron its September/October 1997 edition.

And sometimes that criticism isn't limited to the public sector.....there's criticism that comes with living their own private life. And yet Rosalynn wants to make it a point about her life as a Christian to one and all, henceforth the interview in Sports Spectrum magazine. As she mentioned in "Competitor's Edge", "You get bombarded a lot from the outside world. People don't like you to talk about your faith. But you have an inner strength, and Someone to turn to. Now there's a much bigger picture. Now I can say, 'OK, God, I don't know why this is happening, but it's all in Your hands.' "

Thanks to Paula Slater for the graphic!

The point about this web site is that I want to salute her for her skating artistry on the ice and the way she lives her life off the ice...and I don't ever want to embarass her at all. It never will be a gossip site on Roz as long as I am around.

Latest news on Roz:

Rosalynn Sumners married the man of her dreams, Robert D. Kain, co-CEO of International Management Group, in an outdoor garden ceremony the afternoon of April 25, 2004, in the beautiful Napa Valley region of Palm Desert, California.

Roz has done commentary work for NBC, CBS, FOX, and Turner Sports (TNT and TBS) and has worked alongside with Peter Carruthers, Paul Wylie and "third brother" Brian Boitano. Roz has also worked with Tracy Wilson as well.

Roz was a guest on "Jock-A-Doodle-Doo" hosted by Paul Long and Mark Mussina (brother of Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina) in December 2000 and talked about the 2000 edition of "Improv-Ice" that aired on USA Network.....and also commented on the state of figure skating.

Roz also did an interview on "Honky Tonk Sundays" the weekend of January 28, 2001. She talked about how she got started into skating; what live was like growing up in southern California first, then Seattle, Washington, next; how she viewed not winning gold at the 1984 Winter Olympics; and how she rededicated her life to God and his Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Roz joined Tara Lipinski, Ilia Kulik, Caryn Kadavy, Angela Nikodinov, Yuka Sato and Jason Dungjen, and Takeshi Honda, and other skaters for a five-city mini tour starting in Erie on Roz' 37th birthday (April 20, 2001). The tour, titled the Tara Lipinski Miracle Match Charity Tour, which helps in funding research for cures and treatment of leukemia.

I was hoping for a personal note from Roz, but Tara instead sent me one for contributing to the Miracle Match tour.

Roz also participated in the USFSA's special skating tribute October 5 at Madison Square Garden in New York City....and while the tribute was for the 18 members of the 1961 World team that died tragically in a plane crash en route to Worlds in Prague, Czechslovakia, the show also paid tribute to those who lost their lives in the WTC and Pentagon attacks of September 11, 2001.

If I have anymore news about Roz (news that I can rumors accepted here!), I'll have it posted ASAP!

This other graphic was also created by Paula Slater. Thanks again, Paula!

Roz was spokesperson for The Skaters Fund, a non-profit organization created to assist figure skaters and their coaches financially. For more info, click onto the logo above.

Paula Slater has re-moved her site back to Goldenskate's original site. Check her new digs out!

I have also joined the FanList for Michelle Kwan's Fields Of Gold site. Click on the logo to check it out.

Please show your support for a friend of mine!

Jordan Hill sung "Remember Me This Way" from the movie "Casper" and was used by Rosalynn as a solo number during the 1995-1996 Stars On Ice season. Jordan also sung that song while Roz skated to it at the tribute to Sergei Grincov in February 1996 in Los Angeles. Jordan has moved on in her music career, and she is now on Facebook! Check her out here.

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