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My Comments About Rosalynn Sumners

Comments and musing about Rosalynn.

Fan mail for Roz can be sent here:
Rosalynn Sumners
c/o IMG
22 East 71st Street
New York, New York 10021
Attn: Jay Ogden

I have just finished reading the revised edition of the "Stars On Ice" book...which included an eight-page tribute to Roz who finsihed her 13-year career with SOI (over 500 straight performances without missing one show) last season. For more details, get the book at Amazon's website.

I'll have more as time goes on and I find out interesting stories to pass along about her from reliable sources......NO GOSSIP TABLOIDS HERE!!!!!!

This photo of Roz after the final number of SOI's 1998-99 season in Portland, maine comes courtesy of Ally Cunningham. Thanks, Ally for the photo!

For Rosalynn Sumners

After all the years
through triumph and tears
a true and beloved champion

your departure will be a loss
but there is another journey ahead

Artistry would always sing
reflecting both Winter and Spring
A presence from Sarajevo to Nagano
With lovely elegance and flow

After all the years
Through triumphs and tears

A treasure from the start
You'll forever have a place
in the skating world's heart

The following poem was written by Christine S.Y. Belcher and copyrighted 1999. THANKS, CHRISTINE

Have to thank Angie and Amy Lynn for sending me videos of Roz' performance on the ice from previous TV programs.....and just one word for that: AWESOME!!!!! IMHO, Roz' work on the ice is one where she still improves year by year. Her presense on the ice is still a joy to see AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!!!!

"This is one of the greatest women in skating." --- Verne Lundquist of CBS-TV, commenting on Rosalynn Sumners' routine to 'Beautiful Goodbye' at the Ice Wars competition back in 1996.