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After cooling my heels for a couple of hours in room #218 of Branson's Best Hotel, I took in a little the rain. I did remember my umbrella, but, man......those hills were SO steep, I decided to NOT walk in to the Moon River Theatre the following evening.

And this town has it all! The view of the Ozarks, the various entertainment theatres, the various theme parks, the numerous mini-golf courses, and the number of hotels.....and THAT was just on the west side of town!

JUNE 12, 2000.....WHAT A DAY

After resting well, despite waking up in the middle of the night (for no reason), I was greeted to an overcast morning looking outside my hotel room.....but the view of mountain-covered trees brought home this thought: It's a beautiful view!

Following breakfast, I went out and almost wore myself out....playing golf on a par-3, nine-hole course tucked neatly away from the "main drag" of Branson.

To get my legs back, I went to the Branson Mall...(grin)...and was impressed by what they had to offer to souvenir seekers. Then it was on to the Henning State Park Scenic Overlook for a few minutes of just enjoying more spacious skies and beautiful scenery of the Ozarks.

By the time 2 p.m. arrived, I was back in my hotel room, chiling out from the humid weather and just psyching myself up for the skating show. And, naturally, my mind was on Roz....wondering if she would remember me from the night I first met her in Dallas, Texas, when she was still with Stars On Ice.

Nice outside shot of the theatre.

As Bob Uecker would say, "I'm in the front row!", say, right up against the stage! Like about 10-20 feet from the edge of the ice-covered stage!

Am I nervous? Yep! And one other programs for the show itself. Darn!

Click here to read about the show itself......and what happened after the Monday night performance.

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