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JFK in Dallas WHERE WERE YOU? Anyone who was living on that day in November of 1963 remembers where they were 50 years ago when hearing the news about President John F. Kennedy being shot in Dallas. I was 21 at the time and in downtown Fort Worth on that day. Early in the morning I walked down to the Hotel Texas where JFK was giving his speech. It was raining but cleared off later for their motorcade drive up Main Street. Standing on the sidewalk, I waved as the limo of the Presidential party drove by headed on their way to Dallas. Later I learned that JFK had been shot. Sites in the Dallas area shown below are related to the assassination. Photos below taken by the Webmaster. JFK Memorial Plaza JFK Memorial Plaza is located one block east of Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas. It was designed by Philip Johnson as a cenotaph, or "open tomb" and dedicated in 1970. Dealey Plaza Dealey Plaza on Elm St. at the west end of downtown Dallas is the site where JFK was shot in 1963. The park was built in 1940 as a WPA project and named after George Dealey, a civic leader. Former TX School Book Depository Former Texas School Book Depository building on Elm St. is where shots were fired at JFK from a sixth-floor window. It is now a museum. Parkland Hospital Dallas Parkland Hospital is where JFK was taken after being shot. He was pronounced dead in Trauma Room One. Texas Governor John Connally was treated here for his wounds on that day. Two days later Lee Harvey Oswald was taken here after being shot by Jack Ruby and died in Trauma Room Two. In 1967, Ruby died here of lung cancer. Dallas Love Field Airport Dallas Love Field Airport where the body of JFK was taken to be flown back to Washington, DC on Air Force One. LBJ was sworn in as the 36th President of the U.S. aboard the plane before the flight took off. The plane is now at a museum in Dayton, Ohio. Oswald's apartmen Oswald's apartment building on Elsbeth St. in Oak Cliff was demolished in 2013. This was the first place in Oak Cliff where Oswald lived after coming back from Russia, where he had married Marina Prusakova. Oswald's second apartment Oswald's apartment complex on Neely St. in Oak Cliff was the second place they lived and where the infamous "Back- yard Photos" were taken of Oswald holding his guns. Oak Cliff boarding house on Beckley Oswald's boarding house on Beckley in Oak Cliff where 24 year old Oswald lived at the time of the assassination. After JFK was shot, Oswald came back here to get his pistol. Ruth Paine's house in Irving Ruth Paine's house in Irving is where Oswald's wife Marina was staying at the time of the assassination. Oswald would spend the weekend here but surprised them when he came on a Thursday, the day before the assassination. His rifle was stored in the garage. A co-worker who lived in the area gave Oswald a ride to work the next morning. The house is now a museum operated by the city. Oak Cliff site on 10th St. Oak Cliff site on 10th St. where Oswald shot and killed Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit only 45 minutes after the assassination of JFK. Tippit's patrol partner was assigned to be at Love Field that day. Oswald then walked to the Texas Theater a few blocks away. Texas Theater in Oak Cliff Texas Theater on Jefferson Ave. in Oak Cliff where Oswald was apprehended by Dallas police. He was noticed entering the theater without paying. The theater was showing two movies that day "War Is Hell" and "Cry of Battle." Old City Jail Old Dallas City Hall on Harwood St. where Jack Ruby fatally shot Oswald while he was in police custody on Nov. 24, 1963. The shooting was in the parking garage of the old city jail basement while he was being transferred to another location. Ruby used a .38-caliber Colt Cobra. A new city hall was built in 1978. Former Carousel nightclub site The former Carousel nightclub owned by Jack Ruby was located above a deli on Commerce St. across from the Adolphus Hotel. The site has been been replaced by an office building & park. Jack Ruby's apartment in Oak Cliff Jack Ruby's apartment on Ewing Ave. in Oak Cliff where he lived at the time of the assassination. It is located a few blocks from the Texas Theater. Company building owned by Abraham Zapruder Apparel company owned by Abraham Zapruder was located in this building across from Dealey Plaza and called "Jennifer Juniors Inc." Abraham filmed the motorcade and assassination with his Bell & Howell 8mm-film camera. He died of cancer in 1970. Dallas Post Office Dallas Post Office were Oswald picked up a surplus rifle that he had ordered from a Chicago firm for $21. It was a 6.5mm Italian M91/38 carbine which was manufactured for only one year. The National Archives now has the rife stored and a replica is at the Sixth Floor Museum. Maj. Gen. Edwin Walker's former home Former home of Major Gen. Edwin Walker in Highland Park on Turtle Creek Blvd. Oswald attempted to assassinate Walker in April of 1963 but the window frame deflected the bullet. Walker was hit by fragments but survived. He died of lung cancer in 1993. Oswald's grave Grave of Lee Harvey Oswald at the Rose Hill Memorial Park in Fort Worth. At his funeral, reporters had to step in to be pallbearers. That same day the funerals were held for J.D. Tippit and JFK. Later Oswald's body was exhumed to prove it was him. No one is buried next to Oswald where the monument reads "Nick Beef." Oswald's original tombstone went missing on Nov. 22, 1967 but was later found under a house. Exhibit of artwork Hotel Texas exhibit of artwork (12 of 16) installed in the President's suite at the Hotel Texas in Fort Worth where JFK and Jackie stayed the night before visiting Dallas. CONSPIRACY THEORIES After the Warren Commission report, there was widespread speculation about the assassination being a conspiracy. MEMORIAL: DON RAY ARCHER, 81, a police officer who helped wrestled Jack Ruby to the ground after he shot Lee Harvey Oswald, died in April of 2014 at Rockwall, TX. He was a retired Dallas police lieutenant with 36 years service and died of respiratory failure. At the time of his death, Archer’s survivors include his wife, son, & daughter. BENNY BOB BARRETT, 75, a former Dallas County Sheriff’s Department deputy who guarded Jack Ruby while he was in jail and the hospital, died Aug. 4, 2015. He was on duty the nigh Ruby died at Parkland Hospital in 1967. He is survived by his wife, daughter, two sons, two brothers, three sister, & two grandchildren. KENT BIFFLE died in Aug. of 2015 and was a reporter who slipped into the Texas School Book Depository building on Nov. 22, 1963 with Dallas Police officers searching for the assassin of President JFK. He was born in 1932. DR. JAMES "RED" DUKE, JR, 86, died on Aug. 25, 2015 and was a trauma surgeon who attended to Gov. John Connally on the day of President JFK's assassination. He later became a health adviser on a nationally syndicated television show. He was born in Ennis, TX and was an Army veteran. BOBBY HARGIS, 81, a former Dallas police officer whose motorcycle flanked J.F. Kennedy’s limousine at the moment the president was assassinated, died in April of 2014 in Cleburne, TX of congestive heart failure. After the limousine sped off, Hargis stayed behind searching around the Texas School Book Depository for anyone fleeing the scene. Two years after the assassination, he was run over by a car while on his patrol motorcycle and almost lost his leg. He served 35 years with the Dallas Police Department. At the time of his death, he was survived by his wife, two sons, & two daughters. RAY HAWKINS, 83, Dallas police officer who handcuffed Lee Harvey Oswald at the Texas Theater, died Nov. 16, 2015 of pneumonia. Ray was born in Dallas and graduated from North Dallas High School. He served in the Coast Guard and had a 29-year career as a patrolman. In 1964, he married Jean Bailey who died in 2006. Their son, Mark Hawkins, died in 2009. Ray is survived by daughter Karen Hawkins Ayala. THOMAS "LEM" JOHNS, 88, Secret Service agent who protected LBJ after Pres. Kennedy's assassination, died in May of 2014 in Alabama. Agent Lem Johns is in the LBJ swearing-in photo (BG at R) aboard Air Force One. Lem was assigned to Johnson's security detail at the time of the shooting and was riding in the motorcade when the shots were fired. He served in WWII with the U.S. Naval Air Corps and attended the University of Alabama & later graduated from Howard College, now Samford University. At the time of his death, Lem was survived by his wife of 67 years, son, three grandchildren, & five great- grandchildren. FERD KAUFMAN, 89, died Feb. 3, 2016 and was an Associated Press photographer who was at Dallas police headquarter in 1963 as authorities brought in Lee Harvey Oswald. Kaufman was born on April 21, 1926 in Sapulpa, OK. He served in the U.S. Navy during WWII. His wife, Ida Weir who he married in 1954, survives along with a son & two daughters. JAMES LEAVELLE, 99, died on Aug. 29, 2019 and was a Dallas Police Department homicide detective who was escorting Lee Harvey Oswald when he was shot by Jack Ruby. Leavelle was born and raised in Red River County, TX. Following graduation from high school, Leavelle joined the U.S. Navy in 1939 and was on board the USS Whitney when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese on Dec. 7, 1941. He married Taimi Snelma. Leavelle retired from the police department in 1976. ROBERT MCCLELLAND, 89, was a Parkland surgeon who tried to save JFK in 1963 died on Sept. 10, 2019. He was a retired professor emeritus of UT Southwestern's medical school. Robert is survived by his wife, Connie; son Chris McClelland and daughter Julie Barrett; six grandchildren; and a great-granddaughter. JACQUELINE LEE (BOUVIER) KENNEDY ONASSIS (former U.S. First Lady & wife of President John F. Kennedy) died of cancer in 1994. She was born in 1929. She was sitting next to her husband in the open-air limousine in 1963, when he was assassinated. Her last surviving child is her daughter Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. RIO SAM PIERCE, 92, a police lieutenant in 1963 drove a decoy police car away from the spot where Lee Harvey Oswald was about to be transferred from headquarters to the Dallas county jail, died Dec. 23, 2015. The plan was to divert attention from an armored car said to be transporting the accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy. Pierce was born in Turkey and married Dorothy Gorden. He served in the U.S. Marines during WWII. JERRY GILBERT POLLARD, 81, was present when Oswald was arrested in 1963 at the Texas Theater, died Aug. 26, 2016. He was born & raised in Indianapolis but graduated from North Dallas High School in Dallas. Jerry joined the Dallas Police Department in 1958 and retired in 1985. Survivors are his wife, Linda; two sons Joe & John; two daughters Kathrynne Cevallos & Tracy Morris; a sister Jenny Jared; 10 grandchildren; & nine great-grandchildren. HENRY MICHAEL RABUN, 76, was a sports journalist who helped cover JFK slaying & died of kidney cancer on Aug. 15, 2017. He was born in Houston & grew up in Fort Worth. Mike married Janet Evans in 1963. He was also present when Lee Harvey Oswald was gunned down at the Dallas police station. He was survived by his wife & a daughter. OFFICER J.D. TIPPIT, 39, was shot and killed while questioning the assassin of President JFK at Tenth & Patton Streets on Nov. 22, 1963 in Dallas. Forty-five minutes after President Kennedy was shot, Officer Tippit stopped the suspect, Lee Harvey Oswald, who was on foot and fit the general description of the assassin that was being broadcast by the Dallas police radio. After being summoned by Officer Tippit, Oswald came over to the passenger side of the patrol car where they spoke through an open window. After a brief conversation, Officer Tippit got out of his car and as he was walking toward the front of his patrol car, Oswald suddenly shot him three times at point blank range with a .38 caliber revolver. After Officer Tippit fell, he was shot in the head by Oswald, which proved to be the fatal shot. Oswald was apprehended hiding in the Texas movie theater after he was seen by an alert citizen who witnessed the shooting of Officer Tippit. In 1964, Officer Tippit was posthumously awarded the Medal of Valor from the National Police Hall of Fame and also received the Police Medal of Honor, the Police Cross, and the Citizen's Traffic Commission Award of Heroism. Officer Tippit served with the Dallas Police Department for 11 years. He was a WWII veteran of the US Army and recipient of the Bronze Star. He is survived by his wife, daughter, two sons, parents, four brothers, two sisters, and his grandmother. He is buried in Laurel Land Memorial Park in Dallas, TX. His wife, Marie Tippit, died March 2, 2021 at the age of 92. They were married in 1946. Her oldest son Allan, died in 2014 at the age of 64. BOB WELCH, 80, was a TV news photographer in the aftermath of Kennedy assassination, died Dec. 19, 2016. Welch was born in Philadelphia and lived briefly in New Jersey before moving to Dallas, where he attended North Dallas High School. Bob served three years in the U.S. Marines during the Korean War. In addition to his wife, Welch is survived by two daughters, Lori Harrison of Coppell & Marci Jackson of Indianapolis; and eight grandchildren. ABRAHAM ZAPRUDER, 65, died in 1970 and was was an American clothing manufacturer who filmed the motorcade & assassination of JFK. His film captured the fatal head shot that struck President Kennedy. He had moved to Dallas in 1941 and became co-founder of Jennifer Juniors, Inc.