Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - Ranger schools Scholarships Available for RHS

RHS Exes Association Scholarships Chico Mendoza Scholarship Dan Dixon Memorial Scholarship Jesse White Memorial Scholarship O.C. Warden & Juanita Memorial Scholarship Scholarship awarded by Eastland County Retired Teachers Association Ranger High School Scholarship Dr Pepper Scholarship Scholarship awarded by First Financial Bank Scholarship awarded by Academic UIL Pat Collins Memorial Scholarship Scholarship awarded by Ranger High School Band Scholarship awarded by Ranger College Chris Lang Memorial Scholarship Scholarship awarded by 47 Club Scholarship awarded by Walmart Scholarship awarded by Panhandle Plains Student Loan Center Texas Farmers Union Scholarship Leslis & Helen Hagaman Memorial Scholarship Don't Mess with Texas Scholarship NOTE: For information on scholarships, check with the Ranger High School Counselor's office.

Planning your future

Four-year college or university Community college Trade school Military

Views on College

More jobs now require a college education. It's never too early to start looking around for a college. You shouldn't let money stop you from going wherever you want to go. You need to find out what classes are required in the college you want to attend. It's going to be much more expensive than you ever realized. Research different colleges online to gain information. Make sure the academic requirements line up with your talents. Attend college fairs. Think about going to junior college for two years to save money and get required courses out of the way. Visit colleges to see if this is the place you want to attend. Compare location, size, cost and academic interests. Contact students attending colleges and ask questions. Apply for available scholarships early. If college costs are an issue, meet with a financial aid officer. Make multiple stops at several colleges, including a campus tour at each.

Improve your chances of getting scholarships

Apply to everything you can. Save time and apply only to scholarships you're qualified for. Always include concrete examples in essays. Dress for success in going for an interview. Make sure you get good letters of recommendation.

New and emerging jobs

Internet Security Forensic Accounting Artificial Intelligence Biotechnology Biotechnology Robotics Computer Animation Marketing/Advertising Video Games Cartoonist Alternative Energy Engineer Green Construction Manager Green Architect Online Investment Advisor

Best jobs without a college degree

Licensed practical nurse, electrician, construction & building inspector, plumber, truck driver, legal secretary, massage therapist, auto mechanic, phlebotomist, & emergency dispatcher

Education That Pays: Five Jobs That Average $30 Or More Per Hour

1. Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Management 2. Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering 3. Associate's or Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design 4. Master's Degree in Educational Administration 5. Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Accounting

Jobs That Aren't Going Away

1. Police Officer 2. Paralegal 3. Accountant 4. Health Care Administrator 5. Pharmacy Technician 6. Registered Nurse (RN) 7. Teacher


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