Ranger Exes Memorial - Ranger schools Scholarships Awarded at RHS

Over the years, many Ranger High School students have been the recipients of a number of scholarships to help with their education at college. RHS-1990 Chico Mendoza: Julie Dawn Walter RHS-1996 Chico Mendoza: Jeffrey Don Rogers RHS-1997 Chico Mendoza: William Hamilton RHS-1998 Chico Mendoza: Andrea Schooling RHS-1999 Ranger Exes: Christopher Hughes Chico Mendoza: Allison Schooling RHS-2000 Ranger Exes: Carol Beighley & Travis Clifton Chico Mendoza: Travis J. Clifton RHS-2001 Kayla Odom & Melissa Williamson awarded 2001 Ranger Exes Scholarship Ranger Exes: Kayla Odom & Melissa Williamson Robert Freeman awared Chico Mendoza Scholarship Chico Mendoza: Robert J. Freeman RHS-2002 Ranger Exes: Heather Scott & Holly Scott Chico Mendoza: James Whitney Wilson RHS Dr Pepper Scholarships DR PEPPER SCHOLARSHIPS: (L-R) Marcus Dunn, Kari Clifton, Vikeeta Patel, & Candace Whisenant. Chico Mendoza Scholarship Chico Mendoza: Whit Wilson & Robert Freeman Ranger College Scholarships Ranger College Scholarships: (L-R) Valerie Noth, Jammie Caraway, Kim Fojtik, Megan Peebles, and Crystal Ramirez. Ranger Exes Association Scholarships Ranger Exes Association Scholarships Awarded RHS-2003 Ranger Exes: Keah Odom & Opal Tribble Chico Mendoza: Gage Grogan 2003 Ranger Exes Scholarships RHS seniors Keah Odom and Opal Tribble display their scholarship certificates after receiving scholarship awards from Ranger Exes President John Carver and Ranger Exes Scholarship Chairman Marinell Miller KEAH ODOM & OPAL TRIBBLE - RECEIVE RANGER EXES SCHOLARSHIP Ranger High School seniors Keah Odom and Opal Tribble have been chosen as recipients for this year's Ranger Ex-Students Association scholarships. The scholarships were awarded at academic awards ceremonies held at Ranger High School on Thursday, May 8. The scholarships are given in recognition of excellence in academics and for demonstration of exceptional leadership ability. Ms. Odom plans to become a professional artist and will attend Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio this fall. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Odom of Ranger. Ms. Tribble plans to attend McMurry University in Abilene where she will major in Biology (premed). She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Tribble of Breckenridge. Gage Grogan Awarded Chico Mendoza Scholarship 2003 Chico Mendoza Scholarship Gage Grogan displays Chico Mendoza Scholarship Awards Plaque while he poses with member of Ranger High Class of '54 and R.H. Teacher Rudy Mendoza. RHS-2004 Ranger Exes: Deidre Rodriquez & Lacey Wells Chico Mendoza: Jerry J. Russell Jerry Russell-Mendoza Scholarship Jerry Russell awarded Chico Mendoza Scholarship Deidre Rodriquez & Lacy Wells Receive Ranger Exes Scholarship RHS-2005 Ranger College: B.K. Dempsey, Carey Dobson, Shayne Williams, Casey Dobson Ranger College Drama: Laura Lee Grogan, Jeremy Brister, Katie Vinson Guy D. Newman: Andrew Lopez Robert C. Byrd Honors: William Noth Texas Tech Superior Scholastic Achievement: William Noth ATSSB: William Noth 47 Club: William Noth Academic UIL: Amy Gibson, B.K. Dempsey, William Noth Panhandle Plains Student Loan Center: Laura Lee Grogan First Financial Bank: B.K. Dempsey Carr: Amy Gibson Eastland Cty Retired Teachers Association: Shayne Williams Chris Lang Memorial: William Noth Katie Vinson awarded O.C. Warden Scholarship O.C. Warden Scholarship: Katie Vinson Presented by Mrs. Juanita Warden and daughter, Marilyn Warden Cundiff. Dan Dixon Memorial: Laura Lee Grogan Jesse White Memorial: Laura Lee Grogan Kenneth E. Parrach Memorial: Katie Vinson Ranger High School Scholarship: Amy Gibson Ranger High School Band: Jared Calvert Amy Gibson & Jared Calvert awarded 2005 Ranger Exes Scholarship Ranger Exes: Amy Gibson & Jared Calvert William Noth awarded 2005 Chico Mendoza Scholarship Chico Mendoza: William Noth with RHS teacher Rudy Mendoza and members of the RHS-1954. Pat Collins Memorial Scholarship: William Noth Perry-Henderson Scholarship: Laura Lee Grogan Farm Bureau Scholarship: B.K. Dempsey RHS-2006 47 Club: Rachael Howell Chris Lang Memorial: Jeannette Muniz Panhandle Plains Student: Rachael Howell Eastland Cty Retired Teachers Association: Dustin Stewart First Financial Bank: David Gaumond Ranger High School: Celeste Flores Academic UIL: Rachael Howell O.C. Warden: Nick Crain Pat Collins: Rachael Howell Ranger High School Band: Jacob Russell Ranger College: David Gaumond Chico Mendoza: Mat Wilson Ranger Exes: Celeste Flores & Jeannette Muniz Helen & Leslie Hagaman: Rachael Howell Walmart: Krysten Morgan RHS 2006 Hagaman Scholarship Rachael Howell Rachael Howell is the winner of the 2006 (new) Helen and Leslie Hagaman Scholarship which was presented by Betty Hagaman Doebbler (RHS-1952). The scholarship is for $4,000, $2,000 each semester. Betty and her brother, John (RHS-1957) created the scholarship in honor of their parents. Leslie was a longtime Ranger business and civic leader and Helen was a longtime RHS teacher of distinction. RHS 2006 Hagaman Scholarship RHS Seniors receive UIL Scholarships Rachael Howell & Jessica Hodge RHS 2006 Eastland County Retired Teachers Association Scholarship Dustin Stewart RHS Senior awarded scholarship by Eastland County Retired Teachers Association RHS-2007 Ranger Exes: Jose Ballesteros & Laci J. Davlin Chico Mendoza: Charlena K. Lemaster O.C. & Juanita Warden: Michael R. Krantz Helen & Leslie Hagaman: Senora Shelbi Scott Texas Farmers Union: Kaycie Elaine Sorrells RHS-2008 Chico Mendoza: Joseph Crain Ranger Exes: Zachary Harr & Kassi Lucky Helen and Leslie Hagaman: James Freiheit O.C. & Juanita Warden: Megan Tunstall Chris Lang Memorial: James Freiheit 47 Club: Joseph Crain Panhandle Plains Student Loan Center: Kassi Lucky First Financial Bank: James Freiheit, Ranger High School: James Freiheit Academic UIL: Jonathan Braim, Caleb Hatton, Casey Hudson, Corey Smith, Chelsea Walton, Amanda Whisenant, James Freiheit, Joseph Crain, Kassi Lucky Ranger High School Band: James Freiheit & Amanda Whisenant Pat Collins Memorial: Kassi Lucky Eastland County Retired Teachers Association: Courtney Archer Doyle & Robin Russell: Kassi Lucky Cook Canyon Ranch: James Freiheit Jack Harr & Kassi Lucky receives scholarship James Freiheit receives scholarship Jerry Wilson (middle) pre- James Freiheit accepts the Helen sents the Ranger Exes Scho- and Leslie Hagaman Scholarship larships to Zack Harr (left) presented by Betty Hagaman Doebler and Kassi Lucky. RHS-2009 Cook Canyon Ranch: Rickie Shanafelt The Doyle & Robin Russell: Matt Hight Chico Mendoza: Rickie Shanafelt Sharon and Lynn Garner: Sam Alanis The Helen & Leslie Hagaman: Hayden Hill Ranger Exes: Kelsey Lemasterand & Matt Hight Ranger College Regent: Kyle Bisbee & Matthew Main Pat Collins Memorial: Kelsey Lemaster The Doyle & Robin Russell: Matt Hight RHS-2010 Chico Mendoza: Lauren Slaughter Ranger Exes: Justin Krantz & Aaron Martinez O.C. & Juanita Warden: Heather Graham Hagaman: Aaron Martinez 2010 RC Regents Scholarship recipients RC Regents Scholarship recipients Heather Graham, Catherine Dixon, Ryan Huckaby, Nathan Wells, Matthew Evan, Justin Krantz, & Shenna Moody. RHS-2011 Chico Mendoza Memorial: Carmen Avila Cook Canyon Ranch: Misharee Hight Doyle & Robin Russell Memorial: Kaitlyn Dowell Eastland County Farm Bureau: Ethan Neely Eastland County Retired Teachers Association: Rebekah Whittington 47 Club: Emily Hodges Helen & Leslie Hagaman: Kaitlyn Dowell Kenneth Parrack Memorial: Misharee Hight O.C. Warden Memorial: Rick Diaz Pat Collins Memorial: Justin Nash Ranger College Regents: Emily Hodges, Justin Nash, Rebekah Whittington, Rowdy Bond. Ranger Exes: Tiffany Casey, Ethan Neely Ranger High School: Emily Hodges RHS Band: Emily Hodges RHS UIL: Kaitlyn Dowell, Carmen Avila, Emily Hodges Rick Diaz, Justin Nash, Rebekah Whittington, Jenna Calvert, Monique Leal, T.J. Ewing, Ethan Neely, Misharee Hight. Sons of Confederate Veterans: Kaitlyn Dowell UIL Scholastic: Carmen Avila Senior Class (L) Misharee Hight awarded Cook Canyon Ranch Scholarship (R) Kaitlyn Dowell awarded Helen & Leslie Hagaman Scholarship

Senior Class Carmern Avila recipient of the Chico Mendoza Scholarship (RHS Class of 1954)

Senior Class Ethan Neeley & Tiffany Casey recipients of the Ranger Exes Association Scholarship

Senior Class (L) Kaitlyn Dowell recipient of Doyle & Robin Russell Scholarship (R) Emily Hodges recipient of The 47 Club of Ranger Scholarship

Senior Class (L) Kaitlyn Dowell recipient of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (R) Ricky Diaz recipient of the O.C. Warden Scholarship

Senior Class (L) Justin Nash recipient of several scholarships (R) Rebekah Whittington recipient of several scholarships

Senior Class Rowdy Bond recipient of a Ranger College Regents Scholarship RHS-2012 Chico Mendoza: Ashley Slaughter Cook Canyon Ranch: Chelsi Arnold Doyle & Robin Russell: Ashley Slaughter Eastland Cty Livestock Raisers: Chelsi Arnold & Garrett Arnold Eastland Cty Retired Teachers Association: Cole Dement 47 Club of Ranger: Colter Martin Helen & Leslie Hagaman: Garrett Arnold Pat Collins Memorial: Ashley Slaughter O.C. Warden Memorial: Lynda Brundin Ranger Exes: Lynda Brundin Ranger College Presidential: Kelsi Craword Ranger College Regents: Alissa Bernard, Caytie Dobbs, Brittany Pericolosi & Brittany Swiney Ranger Exes Association: Nikki Leath & Reagan Mayes Ranger High School: Bret Thompson RHS Band: Hillary Brock RHS-2004: Kati Stewart RHS UIL: Garrett Arnold, Ashley Slaughter, Kelsi Craword, Kati Stewart & Bret Thompson RHS-2013 Ranger Exes: Mitul Bhakta & Shelbi Stevens Chico Mendoza: Kaitlin Olguin O.C. Warden: Nikita Koger RHS-2014 Ranger Exes: Scott Thompson & Colton Wilcoxson Chico Mendoza Memorial: Heather Thomas O.C. Warden Memorial: Michael Ramsey Helen & Leslie Hagaman Memorial: Michael Ramsey RHS-2015 O.C. & Juanita Warden: Chanda Leal Chico Mendoza: Lacey Wilson Ranger Exes: Samantha Cauley & Conner Motley Helen & Leslie Hagaman: Ashley Lawrence RHS-2016 Recipients of Exes scholarships Ranger Exes Scholarship Recipients: Keylie Williams & Elisabeth Wilcoxen RHS-2017 Recipients of Exes scholarships Scholarship Recipients: Hailey Rodgers, Maria Alanis, Jim Saunders, Garryson McAfee, Monieca Power, Jacob Fonville, Kelsey Hodges, Caitlyn Escobar, Caitlyn Escobar, Hailey Copeland, Lakisha Peery, Nate Hoodie, Andrew Martinez, Jim Saunders. Ranger Ex-Student: Caitlyn Escobar & Monieca Power. RHS-2018 Recipients of Exes scholarships Ranger Exes: Madilyn Ellerbee & Hunter Squyers Chico Mendoza: Lacey Howell O.C. & Juanita Warden: Gabriel Coyote Note: This list is not complete.