Ranger Exes Memorial - Ranger Schools Superintendents of RISD

Honor our school leaders who served and guided Ranger through the years. Updated: 07.08.2021 1899-1902 J.H. Horton (Head of Schools) 1902-1904 C.D. Judd 1904-1910 J.E. Temple Peters J.E. Temple Peters (decd) 1910-1914 J.H. Darden 1914-1919 M.H. Smith (first superintendent) 1919-1922 P.F. McDonald 1923-1925 E.O. McNew E.O. McNew 1926-1935 R.F. Holloway R.F. Holloway 1936-1941 W.T. Walton W.T. Walton 1942-1950 G.C. Boswell Grover C. Boswell 1951-1965 G.B. Rush G.B. Rush (decd) 1966-1979 James R. Clark James R. Clark (decd) 1979-1982 Paul E. Boswell Paul E. Boswell (decd) 1982-1992 Jerry Jackson Jerry Jackson (decd) 1993-1997 Joe Phariss Joe Phariss 1997-2001 Joe G. Wesley Joe Wesley 2001-2003 Rickey Williams Rickey Williams 2003-2012 Doyle Russell Doyle Russell 2012- Mike Thompson Mike Thompson 2021- Kevin Shipley NOTE: This is an unofficial list. RHS Principals Ranger School Board