Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - Ranger schools RHS Flag Corps

1977-78 RHS Flag Corps First RHS Flag Corps (1977-78) The flag corps is a three to ten member drill team which uses dance techniques along with equipment such as flags and rifles to add visual enhancement to the marching band. Ranger High School introduced the flag corp in 1977 about time when the new school complex opened and majorettes were not being used. It appears the flag corps program was dropped at RHS after 1997. Updated: 10/19/2014 Class Year RHS Flag Corps members 1978 Kellli Lancaster, Nelda Rodgers, Diana Herod, Cecile Conner, Lynn Bullock, Terri Crawford, Toni McKinnerney, Dala Compton. 1979 Alice Walker, Julie Mosley, Tammy Reed, Joe Williams, Irene Walker, Trisha Lancaster, Brad Arnett, Lola Battle, Rhonda Wheeler, Lynn Bullock. 1980 Tina O'Neill, Rhonda Wheeler, Darla Compton, Jay Richey, Rusty Spivey, Kamelia Williams, Christy Thackerson, Rickie Osborn. 1981 Christy Thackerson, Jay Richey, Kamelia Williams, Rusty Johnson, Earl Hernandez, Rickie Osborne, Tina O'Neill. 1983 Sha King, Michele McDonald, Jeff Thackerson, Kamelia Williams, Jay Richey, Karen Greenwood, Christy Thackerson, Donna Culp, Andy Marusak, Rusty Johnson. 1984 Tammy Gomez, Lori Holland, Cheryl Braddock, Michele McDonald, Keann Long, Teresa Cockburn, Trudy Wells, Kay Williams. 1985 Keann Long, Michelle M., Sharon R., Teresa C., Kimber M., Tammy G. 1986 Kimber Melton, Theresa Cockburn, Lisa Speer, Stephanie Koch, Becky Morgan, Mindy Miller, Bitty Pennington, Michele McDonald. 1987 Sandi Crawley, Mendy Miller, Michele McDonald, Karen Barker, Renee Pennington, Milissa McDonald, Becky Morgan, Teresa Cockburn, LaDawn Little, Kimber Melton. 1988 LaDawn Little, Christina Betancourt, Sheri Thomas, Milissa McDonald, Brandy Sharp. 1989 Melissa Copeland, Bonnie McDowell, Christa Edwards, Barbara Vick, Brandy Sharp. 1990 Brandy Sharp, Samantha Wheat, Kim Davis, Jennifer Barnes, Sandra Nance. 1991 Anessa Nance, Sara Walker, Paula Dempsey, Keisha Poellnitz, Kim Davis, Sandra Nance, Stacie Crew. 1992 Anessa Nance, Christle Zarate, Toni Fox, Keisha Poellnitz, Mandy Swinney, Amy Mahaney, Stacy Basham, Kellie Melton, Sarah Walker. 1993 Mandy Cunningham, Jodi Thomas, Jennifer Copeland, Amy Mahaney. 1994 Brenna Carey, Anessa Nance, Lisa Dunson, Mandy Swinney. 1995 NA 1996 Jennifer Copeland, Brandy Henson, Rita Vasques & Mandy Cunningham. 1997 Mandy Cunningham, Rita Vasquez, Jennifer Copeland. NOTE: This is an unofficial list. 1983 RHS Flag Corps 1983 RHS Flag Corps 1994 RHS Flag Corps 1994 RHS Flag Corps