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Paul Boswell PAUL EDWARD BOSWELL, 79, passed away Feb. 13, 2011, from complications due to Parkinson's disease. Paul willed his body to the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth. So that's where he is today still the educator, still teaching science to students. He was born on Nov. 2, 1931 in Asher, OK, to Eugene & Bessie Boswell, the fourth of five children. He grew up in Pampa, Texas and played football for the Pampa Harvesters, and for West Texas State College. He was a Boy Scout, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, and spent many summers working at Lake Marvin Scout Camp. He was a graduate of West Texas State College and Michigan State University. He spent four decades in education as a teacher, coach and as an administrator. He was school superintendent at Cranfills Gap, Ranger, Nixon, and deputy superintendent at Pampa, and worked for Hill College before retiring from public life. Paul was Superintendent of Ranger ISD, TX from 1978 to 1983. One of the most adventurous things Paul did was to move the family to the tropical atoll of Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands where both he and his wife, were employed as teachers. While on the island, he built a salt water aquarium for his science classroom which he stocked with fish [150] funny thing was that the fish kept disappearing. The mystery was solved when the night janitor, a native Marshallese, confessed to having midnight snacks. Friendships made during their seven years on the island have endured for 40- plus years. The family went to Kwaj with two children and came home with three one who didn't wear shoes until he was five and thought Texas as the biggest island in the world. He was a "people person," who enjoyed meeting friends for coffee, staying in touch with high school & college friends and former students. He could make amazing omelets and pancakes and his hot garlic dill pickles, pickled okra, and picante sauce were family favorites. The secret ingredient in the wine he made a jigger of vodka added to each bottle made a potent and memorable drink for the unwary. While living in Clifton, Paul joined the Grand Lodge of Texas and served a term as Master of the Lodge for Clifton No. 360. Survivors include his wife of 55 years; 2 sons, daughter, granddaughters, grandsons, sister, brother-in-law and sister-in-law, nieces, and nephews. Also mourning the death of Mr. B, a favorite rikaki, are former students from Kwajalein High School who call themselves Kwaj Kids.