Ranger Exes Memorial - The Faculty

Addie Harris ADDIE DOLLAR HARRIS, 96, died on Dec. 15, 2001, with burial in the Evergreen Cemetery at Ranger, TX. Mrs. Harris was born on March 4, 1905 in LaSalle, TX, to John Milton & Minnie Dollar. She married Clyde Harris in May of 1926 in Tehuachana, TX. She taught from 1923 until she retired May 28, 1970, serving 39 years in the field. She taught at Box Church, Cisco, Ranger, the South Plains area and Clyde. She was a member of First Baptist Church of Clyde. Survivors at the time of her death are two nieces, Vera White of Clyde and Mary Burns; three great- nieces; & a great-nephew, Rodney Morris of Clyde.