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Information below is a guide for Exes planning a class reunion in Ranger. STEPS: 1. Think about why you want to hold a reunion. Do you want to organize the reunion around an anniversary, theme or an event. 2. Make sure those planning the event get along. Planning for 20 or less is simple. If it's bigger than that, experts advise that you delegate duties. Find someone to do the catering. 3. Locate classmates. Make a list of classmates. Hitting a dead-end finding classmates...get on the Internet. Use a people-finder Website such as www.people.yahoo.com or SuperPages.com. 4. Pick a date. If you can't schedule the reunion in the summer, organize it around a three-day weekend. Suggest at least three possible dates and let the majority decide which is best. 5. Send a survey letter to classmates asking for suggestions on food and activities. Should it be a one-day or multiple- day reunion? While you're at it, ask for volunteers to help plan the reunion. 6. Choose a place. Lots of factors go into picking a site, including how many people will attend, date and time of day of the reunion, activities and budget. Check on accommodations near the place. PLACES AVAILABLE/CONTACTS: Ranger Community Center, 718 Pine Street, City Secretary, 400 W. Main Street, 254-647-3522 Rodeo building, (Rodeo grounds), Ranger Chamber of Commerce, 121 Commerce Street, 254-647-3091 Ranger Fire Station, 500 East Loop, 254-647-1505 LOCATE CLASSMATES ADDRESSES OF CLASSMATES: Contact Ranger Exes Association E-MAIL ADDRESSES OF CLASSMATES: Ranger Exes Memorial Alumni E-mail List ACCOMMODATIONS: Motels around Ranger area ATTRACTIONS: Attractions in Ranger