Ranger Exes Memorial - Ranger schools Bullock School & Cemetery

The present building was built in 1923-24 and is located north of Ranger at the county line. The Bullock Cemetery is located near the school building. The school closed in 1952. Bullock School & cemetery The present school building and cemetery. Bullock Cemetery: When baby Georgia A. Barnes was interred on William Nolen's land in 1878, there was a one-room schoolhouse on this site. A three-year-old girl was buried here in 1884, and in 1886 William Nolen donated two of his 160 acres for the formal establishment of a school and cemetery for the area later known as the Bullock Community. In 1918 the cemetery and school property were leased for drilling, but the resulting well did not produce. More land was donated as needed, including the site of the old oil well. The Bullock Cemetery Association was formed in the 1960s. Bullock Cemetery continues to serve the area. Bullock School Group picture at Bullock School Bullock School in 1932 Group picture at Bullock School in 1932 Bullock School Group picture at Bullock School in 1934 Top row: Unice Squyres, Billie Jean Bush, Dorothy Hatton, Wilber Boone, John E. Hatton, Ernest Glenn, Don Hill, Dalton Hatton, V.L. Glenn, Troyce Boone, Carlton Adams. Middle row: Miss Laura Verden, Welton Adams, Kenneth Hatton, James Reynolds, Floyd Smith,Alton Coffman, Billy Tom Hatton, Buster Grey, Joyce Bush, Lillian Adams, Maxine Beck, Mr. Reynolds. Bottom row: Lillian Sudderth, Wayne Miller, Effie Mae Sides, Bernice Hatton, Jeraldine Smith, Evelyn Smith, Helen Dempsey, Billy Langford. (enlarge) Bullock School Bullock School in 1905 The little girl in the front row with the ribbon on her hair is Ruby Cook now Mrs. Owen Bray of Ranger. Top row (L>R): Lizzie Hodges, Don Davis, Lena Waggerner, Maston James, Ethel williams, Sam Bailey, Anna Mae Hodges, Charlie Beck, Nora Williams. Middle row: Veda Davis, Belton Hatton, Carrie Waggerner, Archie Hatton, Daisy Cook, Mason James, Edd Castleberry (Teacher), Mae Dempsey, Paul Smith, Margie Waggerner, David Davis, Pauline Smith, Hulen Whitson, Eddie Dempsey. Front row: Levi Dempsey, Lizzie Dempsey, Bonnie Hodges, Raymond Hayden, Cora Lee Whitson, George Hestelow, Martha Hestelow, Miner James, Ruby Cook, Annie Dempsey, Lucy Smith, Oddie Dempsey, Thelma Hayden, Margie Whitson. The teacher, Mr. Edd Castleberry, from Yellow Mound near Eastland and what a good teacher he was. All the school loved Mr. Edd. Bullock School Group picture at Bullock School