Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1940

Gay Nell Gideon Joe Daskevich GAY NELL GIDEON DASKEVICH attended Ranger High School in the Class of 1940 at Ranger, TX and married Joe Daskevich, Jr. after graduation. They had a daughter, Gay Ann Daskevich, now Wolford, of the RHS Class of 1959 and two sons, Robert Daskevich (RHS-1967) and Ronald Daskevich (RHS-1961) who was a career Air Force pilot after graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy. Gay Nell died in 1958. Her brother was Jake Gideon (RHS-1938). HUSBAND: JOE W. DASKEVICH, JR., 81, of Midland & formerly of Mingus and Ranger, TX died on Sept. 3, 1998. He was born in Mingus & finished school there as did his brother, Anthony "Tut" Daskevich before the family moved to Ranger. His father, Joe, Sr. had originally worked in the Thurber coal mines at age 12, later did all mechanical work on his cars, was an expert cook, house painter, musician, and raconteur. When Joe Sr. lived in Mingus he was manager of Zim's Dr Pepper Bottling Works in Strawn. When Zim sold out, and the Company moved to Ranger, so did Joe Daskevich, Sr. and family. Someone was once heard to exclaim that Joe Jr.'s Mother, Valerka "made the best bread you ever put in your mouth," but someone else added, that the bread could have been baked by Joe, Sr. who also made delicious bread. Joe, Jr. was a route salesman for Dr. Pepper before he went into the insurance business. He attended Ranger Jr. College. Two sisters were Betty Daskevich Yeager (RHS-1947) & Faye Daskevich Basham (RHS-1953). Joe, Jr. married Gay Nell Gideon (RHS-1940) of Ranger. They had a daughter Gay Ann (RHS-1959) and two sons, Robert (RHS-1967) who lives in Ranger and J. Ronald (RHS-1961) who was a career Air Force pilot after graduating from the Air Force Academy. After Gay Nell died in 1958, Joe, Jr. married Violet Bledsoe of Ranger and they had one son, Phillip. Joe, Jr. was a musician---guitar and bass fiddle and whose life was always filled with music. He also had a wonderful singing voice. One old Mingus friend said, "I can still hear Joe at Midnight Christmas Mass singing "Adestes Fideles."