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A guide to America's missile silos

Missile Away is the starting point for a series of maps depicting America's Nuclear Missile deployment. Everyone in the world who is anyone knows where they are....except us, the guys who pay for the things. For the last few months I have searched for the key to our defense and found that the government won't keep you away from them.....but they won't come right out and tell you where they are, either. These maps are slowly being outdated as we reduce our forces, but the silos are still there. For those of you who have never seen a real missile silo, here's your chance. Pick a missile field from below that is nearest you and head out for a weekend, it's well worth it. Also check out the hints section for hints on spying a silo from the road. And most important......DON'T go beyond the fence or get a mouth with the guards inside, or they'll have their way with you. Outside the fence is just fine as long as there isn't anything going on inside like a test or repairs, the guards will tell you when you get too nosy and send you on your way.

Places to visit

Hints on finding missile silos
****Junkyard Germ's Hideout....a country of its own****
MISSILE FIELD------Missouri, Whiteman AFB
MISSILE FIELD----Grand Forks, North Dakota
MISSILE FIELD-----Minot, North Dakota
MISSILE FIELD-----Rapid City, South Dakota, Ellsowrth AFB
Excellent site with maps and docs to former Atlas and Titan sites. Brought to you by Silo Man
Edward Thelen's Nike Missile page
Roswell-Online, excellent source of info and chat on silos