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1. When you get close to the silo as far as the map is concerned, look for a 3 phase electrical transformer on the power line poles. They are easy to spot, they have 3 transformers in a cluster on 1 pole. The silos need the more efficient but more expensive 3 phase power to run all their equipment. --------see pic below.

2. Look for signs, they will point you right toward the missile you pick ( eg. A-1, A-2, B-3.....) These are placed here and there at intersections inside the missile field to point the Air Force boys to their missile. They have to change personnel sometime and the new guys wouldn't know where exactly to go sometimes. It also makes it easier to identify if one of the repair crews is dispatched to silo C-5, keeps them from fixing C-6 when that one isn't the problem...----see pic below.

3. Look for a small fenced in area in the middle of nowhere along your route. It will have a set of 4 microwave sensors about 5 feet high around the silo cover, the big sliding door the even bigger missile comes out of. DON'T GO INSIDE unless you just LOVE trouble. Take pictures, but I'd give them 100 feet or so to let them know you're just looking and don't want trouble.-----see pic below.

4. Use common sense. They don't advertise these things, but they don't hide them either. They'd rather not have you sticking your nose around, but they can't do too much if you do and don't get out of line. Understand they have a job to do and watching you makes them work a little more, so they aren't exactly happy all the time but that is what they get paid to do. Some of the guards will talk to you and carry a conversation so have fun and stay out of trouble.


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