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A majority of the cars that I find in the Pick-a-Part, which will never see the road again, are either unwanted property, unclaimed vehicles, vehicles with rust damage, usually the floorboards, which are common for vehicles that have been flooded, company-owned vehicles, like taxicabs or government vehicles, like police or EMS vehicles, or vehicles that have been cited by the City of Houston under the city ordinance, and seized. A majority of these cars that I would strip the parts from are later destroyed, and recycled.

This is where the concern of the clunker bill is an important issue. Older cars are being destroyed, and these cars that end up in the wrecking yard might have some parts that may be useful for a restoration or for certain conversions, like disc brakes. I have seen some classics that have been sent to the wrecking yard, and after a month, the vehicle is history. A lot of these cars have had expired registration, or for worse, no red title.  It's a shame to see oldies crushed and recycled, and this leads to economic chaos when a REAL classic sells for over $2000.

Want to see an example?  Here's the real thing, unplugged.

Once they enter the gate, they do not come out again.  The 1966 Chevelle sedan in this pic is still solid, but the headlight doors, rear taillights, rear bumper, RH vent wing assembly, and some dash knobs were pirated after this pic was taken.  In a few months, the car is taken off the jackstands, and crushed.  Wrecking yards do this for a living, and it's a shame to see a REAL classic meet it's fate with the Grim Reaper.

Want to see more pics?  Go to this page:

The Death Penalty -- Classic A-bodies

*Some of the information have been gathered from experience in the field, and some of the information may come from sources like the Chevrolet Parts Interchange Manual or The Chevelle Archives. The various parts that will interchange may be found on other GM marques, and will fit and function like the original component. Most of the data have been focused on the 1968-72 vehicles, and there will be more data in which I will focus more on the 1964-67 vehicles. Most of the cars that the parts would come from would be from the BOP marques of the Chevelle, and this is not limited to the A-body line. Some of the other parts that I have referenced will come from other vehicles like the Chevrolet Impala, or some components (e.g. door handles) can be used with another model line, like the Camaro or Chevy II. This page is based on body and A/C, heating/engine cooling, and chassis components is based on the underpinnings of the A-Body.

Note for Canadian Pontiac owners: the Pontiac Beaumont (a Chevelle clone) parts will cover 1964-69 models, and to keep the confusion to a minimum, 1962/63 Pontiac Acadian Beaumonts are based on the Chevy II of the same years produced.

Trivia FAQ: the first Chevy II clone (from 1962-75) produced was a Pontiac Acadian, which was sold through Pontiac of Canada, long before the introduction of the Ventura II.

From my experience, in the Houston area, going to the traditional auto salvage facility would eventually end up in a dead end, since these facilities only specialize in newer cars. The self service wreckers, like a Pick-a-Part, has been prevalent for sometime now, and this makes it easier to salvage a part that is needed, without the usual headaches that is known with the traditional auto dismantlers (e.g. master cylinders with the fittings cut, butchered wiring harnesses, or bent engine brackets).

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^From the Chevrolet Parts Interchange Manual (p. 153), by Paul A. Herd. Copyright 1995, Motorbooks International.

#From the Oldsmobile FAQ page

`From Inside '64 -- '72 A-Bodies, Car Craft, March 1998.

*Copyright 1997 - 2000 LSC Publications. All Rights Reserved. Chevrolet, the bowtie logo, are sole property of General Motors Corporation, and this page does not have any connection with GM nor Chevrolet.

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