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CTC INVENTORY: Chevelle Parts (11th Edition)

Most of the merchandise have been compiled from previous swap meet merchandise lists that I have displayed in the past. This has benefitted, in which I have sold some of the merchandise for reinvestment for a 1968 Chevelle project car (under $1000), but if anyone has a parts car, Granny special, or a unwanted vehicle, feel free to send some e-mail at either address listed below.  I have a complete front end, but need a hardtop body to complete the project.

All of the parts that I stock are mint, reconditioned, and inspected carefully for any minor flaws. This ensures a needed resto piece, but with the usual detailing that looks authentic (I sell for less than Ted Williams Enterprises!).

If I had a scanner, I can have some images of the parts for sale, but you will have to wait and see.
Chevelle/BOP A-body parts (various)
  • 1968-72 Chevelle/El Camino/Monte Carlo (includes all BOP A-bodies) windshield reveal moldings (4-door sedan, but can be trimmed 1" from the bottom): $25.00/pr
  • 1964-72 El Camino filler neck door: $30.00
  • 1966/67 hardtop rear window molding set:  RESTO IN PROGRESS
  • ?1967 radio knob (smaller knob seen in image below):  $8.00
  • 1967/68 radio knob:  $8.00 (one only; see image below)
  • 1969-72 El Camino/station wagon backup lenses:  RESTO IN PROGRESS
  • 1968-72 4-door hardtop sedan LH vent wing assembly:  $20.00 (less vertical chrome trim)
  • 1968-72 A-body shoulder belt harnesses (out of a 1969 Chevelle Malibu 4-door):  $30.00 (plastic trim pieces can be replaced)
  • 1964-72 windshield washer bottle reservoir bracket:  $5.00
  • 1967 Chevelle/El Camino
  • Headlight trim assembly: $20.00 (faded tin)
  • 1968/69 Chevelle/El Camino

  • 1968/69 El Camino emblem "Chevrolet": $20.00 (minor scuff)
  • 1968/69 Chevelle/El Camino glovebox door (for A/C equipped cars):  $25.00 (3)
  • 1968/69 Chevelle/El Camino glovebox door (for non-A/C equipped cars):  $25.00 (2)
  • 1968/69 Chevelle/El Camino glovebox liner (A/C cars; the hard plastic box):  $20.00 (3)
  • 1968/69 El Camino/station wagon taillight housings:  DETAILING IN PROGRESS
  • 1968 Hood latch: $30.00
  • 1968 Grille brackets: $20.00
  • 1968 Fan Switch (goes to the control panel): $10.00
  • 1968 Chevelle cigarette lighter knob and element: $25.00
  • 1969 Hood latch: $30.00 (2)
  • 1969 Grille brackets: (1) $20.00 (center and LH only); (2) $50.00 (all 3)
  • 1969 Chevelle deck lid emblem: $25.00 (2 in stock, mint)
  • 1969 Chevelle/El Camino A/C (OEM) control panel: $40.00
  • 1969 El Camino/station wagon rear side markers:  $25.00 w/chrome bezels; chrome bezels slightly pitted (1)
  • 1969 Chevelle/El Camino dash trim (above glovebox) "MALIBU":  $50.00
  • 1969 Chevelle grill emblem (blue bowtie):  $15.00
  • 1969 Chevelle station wagon emblem "Chevrolet" (goes on rear tailgate):  $10.00 (faded chrome)
  • 1969 El Camino LH door assembly (with vent assembly, door glass, and hinges):  $100.00
  • 1969 Chevelle vertical grille trim (upper and lower):  $25.00
  • 1969 Chevelle/El Camino shift quadrant indicator, Powerglide tranny (bottom center of the instrument cluster pod):  $20.00
  • 1969 Chevelle/El Camino front fenders (rusted and damaged):  $50.00 (LH and RH)
  • 1968/69 Chevelle/El Camino parking brake pedal assembly:
  • 1969 Chevelle/El Camino core support
  • 1969 Chevelle rear taillight wiring harness
  • 1969 Chevelle Malibu lower fender stainless trim moldings:
  • 1969 Chevelle/El Camino RH fender (straight, minimal rust):  $125.00

  • 1968 Chevelle 2-door hardtop parts car, open offer, from $100-1000. Straight body, with minimal rust. VIN prefix 13337-13637, which covers anything from a 300 Deluxe 6 cyl - Malibu V8. SS 396 series (13837 series) OK, but must fall into the $100-$1000 range. Granny, decrepit, or parts car OK. Have no car now (because of a dead 350 in my Nova). (E-mail address below.)
  • 1975-79 Nova (X-car) manual tranny hump assembly, like the sheetmetal cover used on 1964-72 Chevelles
  • 1990-92 Camaro TPI computer (P/N 1277330) and custom chip (for TPI conversion)
  • Copyright 1997 - 2002 Celestial Temple Classics. If anyone is interested, or has a 1968 Chevelle H/T parts car available, contact me at  The prices listed does not include S & H fees, which will vary according to mass and density, and if there any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Shipping via FedEx or USPS Priority Mail.
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