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Wilkie - Wilkey

The name Wilkie is among the oldest of hereditary names. The name was derived from a form of the ancient baptismal name William. The earliest record is thought to be that of Robert Wilkie who owned land in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1535. One researcher found records of a 'Ship Master' by the name of Henry Wilkey who sailed from Barnstable, Devonshire, England in 1620, "...bound for the New World."

Early Wilkey records in America include:

The relationship between these earlier settlers and the following Wilkie's is still under investigation.

My Martin research in Chatham Co. NC has brought me in contact with two Wilkie families: William Wilkie born about 1732 and George Wilkie born about 1754. Although their age difference hints of a father & son relationship, it is possible that they were brothers. Evidence also suggests that these two brothers were the sons of William Wilkie but until this is proven I will refer to brother William as William Wilkie Sr.

William Wilkie Sr.

William Wilkie Sr. married Elizabeth and their children were born in Chatham Co. NC. He enlisted in the militia in the Hillsboro District and was among those captured by British and Tories near Hillsboro and taken prisoner to South Carolina. His name is among those who were listed as prisoners on the prison ship "Forbay".

William and Elizabeth Willkey sold land in Orange Co. NC in 1769 (this land could have been located in that part of Orange Co. that became Chatham Co. in 1771). William obtained a land grant of 225 acres in Chatham Co. in 1779 (this record was evidently destroyed when the courthouse was burned by the British in 1812). In 1785 William bought land in Rowan Co. from Patience Dagley of Lincoln Co. Then in 1790 William Wilkie of Rowan Co. bought land in York Dist. SC. He sold this land in Rowan Co. NC in 1797 and died about 5 years later in York Dist. SC (c1802). His will has survived:

I William Wilkie of the State of South Carolina York District... First I give and bequeath to my wife Elizabeth all my household goods... my bay mair and saddle that she now rides and too cows... her yearling and long brindle...half of the hoggs... the remainder of the stock of every kind I give and bequeath to my son George Wilkie with all my farming utensils... one hundred and sixty acres of land that is to say all my home track and all the McCollock tract that lies on the Southeast side of the branch coming down from the mountain through my land to him... 60 acres... what few debts is to obtain after my decease must be equally divided between George and his mother and the remainder of the land containing by estimation one hundred and forty acres shall be sold to the highest bidder and the money divided equally among my daughters, Sabra, Sarah, Deborah, Elizabeth, and Rebecca and whereas I have given unto my son William as Sundry times property to the amount of too hundred and sixty Dollars. I now give and bequeath unto him my silver watch if it remains in my possession until my decease and all my wareing apparel that he may see fit to take and my blessings with them and I do now ordain and apoint my son George and Jacob Green to be my executors of this my last will and testment I do hereinto set my hand this 14 day of December one thousand and 800 and 2. Wit: William Martin, John Elmore, and Thomas Martin. Will on file in York Co. NC, case 64, file 294, year 1802. (note: there was a Jacob Green who married Fanny Eaker (Aker) who was a granddaughter of Eve Whisonant through Peter Eaker).

Children of William and Elizabeth Wilkie are:

Sabra Wilkie was born May 13, 1759 in NC and died between 1842 and 1850 in York Co. SC. She married Thomas Martin Sr. March, 1776, son of William Martin Jr. and Jane (see Thomas Martin section).

Children of Sabra Wilkie and Thomas Martin are:

William Wilkie Jr. Rev. was born 1776 in NC and died Abt 1855. He married Sarah Hunt.

Children of William Wilkie and Sarah Hunt are:

George S. Wilkie Sr.

George S. Wilkie Sr. was born about 1754. He enlisted in the Continental Army in the Halifax District, but his claims for pay for service were allowed in 1784 by the auditors of the Hillsborough District, in which he was said to have resided. He married Catherine (Caty) Catron.

According to the journal of Sally (Rippy) Lutts, George Wilkie (not William Wilkie) was the father of Sabra (married Thomas Martin) and perished on a trip to America aboard a ship from France. George left no will and sold his land before he died. If he applied for a pension these records were very likely burned in the courthouse by the British in 1812.

George received a land grant of 150 acres on September 23, 1785 near the Haw River in Chatham Co. This land was on Terrell's Creek adjacent to the land of William Martin Jr. and was obtained on the same day that William Martin received his grant. From the pension application of mutual friend, Edward Rippy, we read in the affidavit that George was a preacher of the Gospel in Rutherford County, NC. (dated May 17, 1834). He was also pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in York District (now Cherokee County) SC for more than 20 years.

Children of George and Cathrine Wilkie are:

Charles Wilkie was born 1782.

Children of Charles Wilkie are:

Vincent Wilkie was born 1786, and died in NC. He married (1) Beady Faulkner. He married (2) Mary (Polly) Dockery September 13, 1808, daughter of John Dockery and Sarah Perry.

Children of Vincent Wilkie and Mary Dockery are:

Note: Some of the above material was supplied by Robert Wilkie, 3504 N. Flamingo, Bethany, OK 73008-3662 and Hubert W. Wilkey who wrote two books: "The Jonathan Tree, A Wilkey Genealogy" and "The Wilkie/Wilkey Family" (76-1459 Gateway Press 1976). Visit Donald C. Wilkey's Homepage. If you find any additions or corrections to the above material or if you are looking for more information about one of the persons listed in this material, please feel free to contact Don or myself... Jeffrey L. Martin

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