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Descendants of Jacob A. Collins, Sr.

Generation No. 1

Jacob A. Collins, Sr. was born Abt 1750, and died May 01, 1795 in Cleveland Co. NC.. He married Mary Martin, daughter of William Martin of Chatham Co. NC and unknown wife. (Mary's maiden name is still unproven. I am looking for ANY proof other than the August 1859 court case, filed by Elizabeth Collins Roberts, which refers to uncles of Mary named Thomas & William Martin.

Children of Jacob Collins and Mary Martin are:

Generation No. 2

William Collins (Jacob A.2, 1) was born Abt 1775 in NC. He married Susannah Hardin, Ann Abt 1796.

Children of William Collins and Susannah Hardin are:

Elizabeth Collins (Jacob A.2, 1) was born June 20, 1781 in NC, and died August 05, 1871 in Cleveland Co. NC.. She married Thomas Roberts September 01, 1800 in Lincoln Co. NC.

Children of Elizabeth Collins and Thomas Roberts are:

Mary Collins (Jacob A.2, 1) was born 1784-1790. She married Young John Hardin February 14, 1808.

Child of Mary Collins and Young Hardin is:

Jacob A. Collins, Jr. (Jacob A.2, 1) was born 1788 in Lincoln Co. NC, and died February 09, 1866 in Cherokee Co. GA. He married Ginna Hardin March 17, 1807 in Rutherford Co. NC, daughter of David Hardin and Hannah.

Children of Jacob Collins and Ginna Hardin are:

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