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There are many branches of Kylers / Kilers, from Maryland to California, out there, and that seems amazing to me because it isn't that common a name.  While nobody has been able as yet to put all the branches together, somewhere there must be a combining ancestor to make them all into one big family since they all seem to originate in Pennsylvania. I'm looking to find that ancestor, and to make our branch complete.

Here's what I know about our Kyler branch....
I've run into a brick wall here, but so far, the patriarch of the Kylers was an unknown Kiler who married Lydia Goering.
They had at least one child, Jacob.

Jacob Goering Kiler (born about 1818 PA, died 1855 IL)  married Editha Scott Shockley (born 1823 OH, died 1898 IL)
They married in Pickaway County, OH, August 31, 1843. They had four children.
Jacob and all the children, except Uel (U.L.) Kyler, died in an epidemic in 1855.

Well, I thought that all the other children died in 1855. I have recently received information from new-found cousins that two of the sisters,
Henrietta Goering Kiler and Arrelda Elizabeth Kiler  (who was born after her father's death) lived on, married, and had large families of their own. What a wealth of information!!!  Many thanks to Bob Bliler, Deborah Haskett, and, Joyce Jamison for all the help.

Uel Lavator Kiler (born 1851 IL, died 1905 IL)
married first Nancy Mathews (born 1854 Eng, died 1881 IL)
For whatever reason, the spelling changed from KILER to KYLER about here
They had two sons, Herman Gordon (or Goering?) and William E(dward?) Kyler, and twins who died at birth.

William married Charlotte and moved around, working with circuses as a tight rope walker,
but they eventually settled in Presidio, Texas with a sign company, or at least were there in 1930.

Herman (born 1875 IL, died 1951 WI)
married Anna Elizabeth Aymer (born 1875 IL, died 1952 WI)
and went on to have five sons, Merville, Lester, Harold, Herbert, and Russell,
and a multitude of grand, great-grand, and great-great grandchildren.

U.L. married for a second time in 1887, to Nannie Leon Harper.
They had three children-- Lela, Howard, and Maud--but none married or had children.


last updated August 15, 1999

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