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Thanks to a lot of help of a couple of brand new cousins, Alex McGahey and Joan Steele,  the Beckingham branch is nearly complete.   Alex is there, in England, and we have exchanged the information we have on our individual branches, and have combined them.  Thanks also to several new found Kyler cousins, Bob Bliler, Debrah Haskett, and Joyce Jamison, that branch is coming together. So, now I have only the Aymer side to find, and that's a challenge in itself.

Here's what I know about the Aymer branch.

The patriarch of this branch so far,  is Edward Aymer (born ? Eng )
He married Rachel ?
Thomas Aymer (born 1849 Eng, died 1906 IL)
married first to Mary Jane Beckingham (born 1850 Eng, died 1890 IL)
They immigrated to America in 1874 and settled in Christian County, IL.
Mary Jane died at age 40, leaving eight children.

Their daughter, Anna Elizabeth, married Herman Kyler and formed the Kyler/Aymer branch of this family.

Thomas married a second time, in 1895, to Sarah Jane Mills Blankenship (born 1865 Eng, died 1939 CA),
a widow with two children from her first marriage to Johnson Blankenship.
Thomas and Sarah had two sons, Ray Hobart and Edwin Thomas Aymer.

There are many, many grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren of both marriages.  Some I know, and some I don't. If you are a descendant of any branch of  the Aymer family, please contact me so that we can pool our resources and our information. I have lots of questions.  Maybe you do, too?  It's possible that we can each answer the questions the other has, and I'd love to meet you.

My main question is.......
What happened to the brother, Charles, who immigrated with Thomas in 1874? I understand that he settled in Ontario. Is that true?
Did he live there and have a family there? Or did he travel on and settle somewhere else? If you know, please contact me.


Last update, August 15, 1999

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