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The Southwest Junior Fuel Association 2013 Rules

Rules Committee Members:

Mike Buchanan, Jay Briggs & Ron Muncy


- B/JF Preceded by car #
- B/JF: 3.65 pounds per cubic inch, 1,375 pound minimum weight. Limited to OEM cast-iron Hemi, 23 degree Chevy (no raised runner) OEM or aftermarket replacement style, OEM Ford or aftermarket replacement style heads. Other makes fall under same category as above. + or - 3 degrees maximum allowance for milling of heads.


Batteries - If there is a battery on the car to start the car, battery disconnect switch is mandatory.

Delay Boxes and or Related Devices - PROHIBITED
(See NHRA General Regulations 8.2, 8.8)

Ignition - Single magneto or single coil ignition only. (Magneto limited to 20 amp)

Cylinder Heads:

Effective 01-01-2013
Cylinder heads limited to" traditional porting", - no cutting and relocating of cylinder head material.
* HEAD BOLTS- are to be in original (oem) locations, and of traditional lengths and factory diameters
* LIFTER BORES and CAMSHAFT LOBES: must be in "traditional location as to oem specs".


- One internal - combustion, reciprocating, and OEM type engine permitted. Cast iron block mandatory. Maximum 410 cubic inches. No collector style headers allowed. Dry sumps and evacuation systems permitted. Gen. Regulations 1:2

Timing / Retard Devices:

Timing retard or advance devices of any kind form or function are PROHIBITED. MUST BE A FIXED TIMING from start to finish of race.

Exhaust System:

- Zoomies Only


- Methanol mandatory. All other fuels or performance enhancing additives prohibited. Gen. Reg. 1:6 NHRA

Fuel Systems:

- Injectors will be individual stack style, no scoops of any kind permitted. Cast manifolds ONLY, down nozzles PROHIBITED. ONLY ONE nozzle per cylinder allowed. No others of any kind for any reason allowed!

Nozzles must installed in intake "not cylinder head"No external modifications to manifold that alter or change "as cast shape or size." Modifications limited to "porting of intake runners." Use the intake as it was cast. Trying to keep expensive and exotic machine work out of the picture. Ex: cutting, welding, etc.
- A fuel shut off operable from drivers seat required
- Maximum of one fuel pump only
- Round butterfly only, maximum diameter is 2.875 inches as measured across the throttle butterfly shaft. No rotary style injectors allowed.
- Effective as of Jan 2008: A properly fitting, SFI Spec 7.1, 7.2 or NHRA accepted Lower Engine Retention Device is REQUIRED. Dragsters may use a belly pan in lieu of a device attached to the engine. Belly pan must extend from frame rail to frame rail, and extend forward of harmonic balancer and rearward of flywheel, and must incorporate a minimum 2-inch high lip on ALL sides.

Drive Train:

- Driveline - A full cover must enclose the driveline if universal joints are used. Cover material must be minimum of .063 steel or .125 inch aluminum. Gen. Reg. 2:4.
- Rear End - Aftermarket axles and axle retention device mandatory. Spool permitted. Gen. Reg. 2:2, 2:11.
- Transmission - Limited to automotive production, automatic transmission with a torque converter, maximum two forward speed "gears." Full shift pattern mandatory. Mechanical or electrical lock up converters prohibited. Transmission brake permitted. Electric transbrake release system only. Maximum one transmission brake solenoid permitted. Automatic transmissions flex plate meeting SFI Spec 29.1 mandatory. OEM transmission cases "with proper shields," aftermarket replica case, permitted.
- Pneumatic, electric, or other non-OEM automatic shifters prohibited. Gen. Reg. 2:14
- Transmission shield meeting SFI Spec 4.1 mandatory. Automatic transmission flex plate shield meeting SFI Spec 30.1 mandatory. Gen. Reg. 2:14
- Any electronic/electric or pneumatic controlling of shifting process of any kind prohibited. All shifting functions must be a physical/manual function of the driver.

Brakes & Parachutes:

Brakes - All cars must be equipped with two rear wheel disc brakes, and a functional mounted parachute.
Tire Size - Maximum rear tire size is 12 inches as measured across tread surface. Maximum wheel width is also 12 inches.

Safety Equipment:

- Driver / Head Restraint System Mandatory as required by NHRA.
- Helmet and Protective Clothing: Minimum Snell SA 2000 helmet as required by NHRA.
- A SFI Spec 3.2a/15 full fire suit (1 or 2 piece) allowed as required by NHRA.
- All suits to include the following: neck collar SFI Spec 3.3 mandatory, boots or shoes 3.3/5 as required by NHRA mandatory, gloves 3.3/5, and adequate face protection meeting all proper NHRA Specs and requirements. A head sock or skirted helmet required if transmission is located in driver's compartment.
- Arm restraints mandatory
- Valid NHRA competition license mandatory
- Any car with no cross member above drivers legs must have strap or device to prevent legs from projecting outside the chassis.
- Three inch driver restraint system meeting SFI Spec 16.1 mandatory. Restraint system must be updated in two year intervals from date of manufacture.

Fire Control System:

- Fire extinguishing system must meet SFI Spec 17.1. Minimum 5-pound, NHRA accepted fire extinguishing system mandatory. System must be divided with one nozzle on driver's cockpit and one nozzle on engine.


- Computers/Data Recorders: May gather data information only, and may not tie to any device that controls specific functions of the car. Ex: shifter/shift solenoids or trans break wiring.
- Warm Ups: Car must be on jackstands and in your specific pit area with someone in the driver's seat when/while the engine is running. No Exceptions
- Taillight: One functioning taillight mandatory.
- Tow Vehicles: As permitted by NHRA or individual tracks.
- Steering: A device must be used to prevent long steering shaft from injuring a driver in case of front impact. If removable steering wheel is used, a commercially available quick release steering wheel adapter meeting SFI Spec 42.1 is mandatory. Gen. Reg. 3:3
- Suspension: Any front suspension using a beam or tube axle must have radius rods attached to frame. Radius rods not mandatory on front axles rigidly mounted 18 inches or less form king pins.
- Wheelie bars are permitted and must be non-metallic.
- Ballast is permitted and must be permanently attached (bolted)
- Ground Clearance: Minimum of 3 inches from front of car (nose included) to 12 inches behind centerline of front axle. 2 inches for remainder of car, except oil pan and/or transmission pan.
- Pinion Support: Mandatory
- Roll Cage / Chassis: Mandatory. Chassis must be inspected every three years by NHRA and have serialized sticker affixed to frame before participation. Chassis must conform to SFI Specs for E.T. car is capable of running. Proper roll cage padding also required by NHRA.

Starting Line Procedures:

It is the individual race teams responsibility to know which staging lane to be in when entering the lanes. It is your responsibility to get with your opponent and determine or decide lane choice. Make sure the driver of the tow vehicle knows where to go, and knows your position in the run order before entering the lanes. When getting in line, if the car ahead of you is not there yet, please leave room for them to pull in line. Keep race car close to tow vehicle to allow as much room as possible for other teams. it is our responsibility as an association to be prompt and timely and not delay the program if at all possible.

Shut Down Procedures:

Get off the track as soon as possible in the turn off area, as to allow room for the next pair. Roll up parachutes quickly and safely. Make sure the taillight on the car is working properly at all times. Keep speed to a safe medium on the return road as there will be traffic coming and going.

General Event Rules:

1. Misconduct at the event by driving or behavior will cause for disqualification from event.
2. Failure to follow directions from the starter or any track or race official will be cause for disqualification.
3. All races will be final when you take the stage bulbs, no returns. If you accept the green lgiht, you accept the terms of that race.
4. All jack stands are required when working underneath any car in the pits. When starting a vehicle in the pits, vehicle must be completely within the designated pit area with a person in the driver's seat.
5. The practice of transbrake testing, converter stalls, and/or transmission warming is prohibited "unless" the vehicle is on jack stands.
6. All cars will be inspected for general safety. By entry to any SWJFA event, you acknowledge the SWJFA's right to inspect your car at any time for legality and safety violations. SWJFA will do it's best to complete inspections in a timely manner.
7. Burnouts will be limited to one across the line.
8. Courtesy staging is recognized. The starters decision is final in all matters of staging or starting the race.
9. SWJFA membership is required for all racers to compete for points or purse money.

Ladder Formation:

- Qualifying order will be set after 2 rounds of time trials. This is used primarily for points and determining lane choice in first round of eliminations. The ladder / pairings are determined by the "drawing of cards" with lane choice going to the quickest of the two cars. In the event that a qualified car cannot make first round of eliminations, then a "break rule" will apply and the next car will be inserted. If no alternate is available, then the run will be considered a "break single" not a "bye run."
- Full points will be awarded to the original qualifying car, alternate will accumulate points after first round.
- All ladders / pairings after first round of eliminations will be conducted via "drawing of the cars" as with each round of competition, through the final round. If you loose fire or cannot fire you motor in a timely manner, your qualifying attempt is over.

Qualifying Points System:

#1 qualifier will be 16 points, #2-15, #3-14, etc.

The rest of the points system will remain the same.
10 points = Showing Up
5 points = Per Qualifying Round
10 points = Per Elimination Round Win
5 points = Per Elimination Round Loss

All entry fees must be paid before the first time trial. No refunds.


Mike Millsap - mikemillsap@verizon.net
Role of President - To catch hell from everybody and take blame for all!