Friends & Family pics...

My sister and her husband Erlan

The ploop and I! I really like the orange sign behind us.

Mr. Zipp and Cecily

Rock on! Kazakh style!

rockon2.bmp woodrow5.jpeg

Here is a picture with my friends and I at my 26th Birthday Surprise Party at the Walden of Westpark! left to right back row - Carmina, Korina, Solomon, Jason, Katy, Robb, Me, Meredith, Chris Getteau

front - Juan Gaspar (fellow teacher at Gross Elementary) and My Ploop (the cute girl in front of me)

The above picture is of my sister Robin and her husband Erlan. She met Erlan in Kazakhstan during her service in the Peace Corps.

In the above picture is my Mom (left) and my Aunt Janet (right). My mom works as a 5th grade teacher in the Palmdale School District in Palmdale, California. Janet is a retired High School Spanish/French teacher in the Pasadena School District in Pasadena, TX.

Here I am (front right) with Tom Martin (left) and Jason Kunke (back). Tom is a swell dude that Robb Zipp and I go on road trips with. Jason also has joined us on trips. Read more about Jason below!

This is Solomon! Not only is his first name the same as my last name, he plays Dungeons & Dragons too! We have similar interest in music from Bela Fleck and the Flecktones to Junior Brown! Recently he saw Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains with me in New Orleans!

His girlfriend is Korina. She has an excellent sense of humor and it is always an enjoyable experience hanging out with this couple!

This is Chris Getteau and his wife Meredith! They married in March of 2001! I was a groomsman! They both recently moved back to Houston from Lubbock, TX, where they met at Texas Tech University. Chris and I have taken car and train trips to many places together including Canada, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas (Lubbock) and California (Los Angeles). Chris is an artist and photographer and he made me a baritone ukelele out of wood in his garage!

This is Scott Benoit. He graduated from St. Edwards University in Austin, TX. He is planning on being a dentist. Scott is a really wacky guy!

In Memory of Lee Parrett

November 1977-August 31st 2000

This is Max Keller. He recently was married and now lives with his wife Chrissy in Chicago. He is planning on being a trucker!

This is Jason Kunke and his ex-girlfriend Katy (with Robb in the background). Jason has been in two bands with me: SAVING THROW and GRACEFUL DISTANCE. Jason has a really cool sense of humor and sometimes has a cool 'fro. He got me into Mr. Show with Bob & David. I have been many places with Jason on a road trips from Houston to D.C., New York City, and Chicago. Katy is a student at St. Thomas University.

This is Jon Baldridge, a.k.a. Johan "The Conqueror". He was the guitarist and vocalist for STYRAMEX (another band i'm in), formerly known as JESUS CHRYSLER. He is a very creative guy and has his own solo project called Rotting Fish

This is Robb Zipp. He was the singer for the now defunct JESUS CHRYSLER. Robb is a wacky guy and got me into the Houston music scene and had ZIPPFEST (a big rock show featuring local Houston bands) each year. Robb and I have also gone on road trips to places such as New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah, Washington D.C., and New York. Robb has hosted several websites such as and! He also had a cable access TV-show that I helped out on called PRIMETIME! with Robb Zipp & Pals. Robb is planning on making his return to TV very soon, so keep watching Houston's Media Source for info.