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  Foof Chairs are not your typical bean bag chair. The major difference is the filling. Read below to find out more...

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If you are looking for a bean bag chair but you want something a little different, you should look into a Foof Chair. Unlike traditional bean bags, a Foof chair is not filled with styrofoam beads. Instead, it is filled with a sponge-like foam material. Foam last longer and is much more comfortable to sit in over a long period of time. When the chairs seems to be going a little flat, just give it a good fluff. The chair springs back to its original puffy state.

Foof chairs were called Poof chairs at one point. They are similar to the Love Sac chairs you see in shopping malls. The major difference is the price. Foof chairs are normally sold online and shipped factory direct (so there is not a lot of overhead). This means that Foof Chairs are cheaper than Love Sacs.

So if you have a lot of money to waste, run to the mall and get yourself an overpriced sac. But if you're cautious with your cash flow, look for Foof Chairs online at reasonable prices.

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