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Mathematically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations is a collection of quotations that have been compiled from widely scattered sources and are presented in a form that is readily accessible for pleasure or for reference.

Carl C. Gaither and Alma E. Cavazos-Gaither
Illustrated by Andrew Slocombe

Mathematically Speaking is a book of quotations (1543 quotations by 659 authors). It has, for the first time, brought together in one easily accessible form the best expressed thoughts that are especially illuminating and pertinent to the discipline of Mathematics. Some of the quotes are profound, others are wise, some are witty, but none are frivolous. Here you will find quotations from the most famous to the unknown. You may not find all the quoted `jewels' that exist, but we are sure you will find a great many of them here. The extensive author and subject indexes provide you with the perfect tool for locating quotations for practical use or pleasure, and you will soon enjoy discovering what others have said on topics ranging from addition to zero . This book will be a handy reference for the mathematician or scientific reader and the wider public interested in who has said what on mathematics.

Readership: Professionals, teachers, students and general readers interested in mathematics and its impact on life.

Contents: Abstraction. Addition. Algebra. Analogy. Arithmetic. Asymptotes. Binary. Calculation. Calculus. Circle. Class. Common sense. Computers. Conic sections. Curves. Decimals. Deduction. Defined. Derivative. Differential. Differential equation. Dimension. Discovery. Divergence. E. Elliptical. Equation. Error. Euclid. Fibonacci. Field. Figures. Formula. Function. Geometer. Geometry. Hyperbola. Hypothesis. Induction. Infinite: Divergent series. Infinite series. Integers. Integration. Limit. Line. Logarithm. Logic. Map. Mathematical. Mathematical writing. Mathematician. Mathematics. Maximum and minimum. Method. Moebius strip. Multiplication. Numbers: Irrational numbers. Transcendental numbers. Observation. Order. Ordinals. Parabola. Parallelogram. Pi. Pi mnemonics. Postulate. Prime. Principle. Probability. Problems. Proof. Pythagoreans. Reasoning. Rectangle. Recursion. Relations. Research. Square. Statistics. Structure. Surface. Symbols. Symmetry. Teaching. Tensor. Theorems. Theory: Theory of functions. Thought. Transitions. Typology. Transform. Triangle. Trigonometry. Truth. Vector. Zero. Bibliography. Subject by author index. Author by subject index. Title by subject index.

March 1998
Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol, England
ISBN 0-7503-0503-7 (alk. paper)
Description xii, 484 p.: ill; 234 x 156 mm
Includes bibliographical references (p. 363-395) and indexes
Lc no.
Dewey no.
Paperback Price: 19.95/US$24.99

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