Statistically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations has for the first time, brought together in one easily accessible form the best expressed thoughts that are especially illuminating and pertinent to the disciplines of probability and statistics.

Carl C. Gaither and Alma E. Cavazos-Gaither
Illustrated by Andrew Slocombe

Statistically Speaking is a book of quotations. It provides the largest collection of quotations pertaining to probability and statistics yet published (1533 quotations from 633 authors). Some quotes are profound, others are wise, some are witty but none are frivolous. Here you will find quotations from the most famous to the unknown. You will find many of the 'jewels' that exist but please forgive us if we've missed any personal favourites. The extensive author and subject indexes provide you with the perfect tool for locating quotations for practical use or pleasure, and you will soon enjoy discovering what others have said on topics ranging from actuaries to variability. This book will be a handy reference for the scientific reader and the wider public interested in who has said what on statistics.

Readership: Professionals, teachers, students and general readers interested in Statistics and Probability. Statisticians in a wide range of professions, Mathematicians, Scientists and Engineers in particular will find the book a handy reference.

Contents: Preface. Actuary. Analysis. Average. Bayesian. Cause and effect. Certainty. Chance. Common sense. Correlation. Data. Definitions. Degrees of freedom. Design of experiments. Dice. Distributions. Error. Experiment. Facts. Forecast. Gambling. Graphics. Hypotheses. Impossible. Infinite. Knowledge. Laws. Likelihood. Measurement. Models. Observations. Order. Outliers. Percentages. Prayer. Prediction. Probability. Probable. Problems. Quality control. Queue. Randomness. Reason. Recursion. Regression. Research. Residuals. Sample. Science. Statistical. Statistician. Statistics. Surveys and questionnaires. Symmetry. Tables. Teaching. Testing. Theory. Truth. Variability. Bibliography. Permissions. Subject by author index. Author by subject index.

November 1996
Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol, England
ISBN 0-7503-0401-4 (alk. paper)
Description xii, 420 p.: ill; 234 x 156 mm
Includes bibliographical references (p. 289-319) and indexes
Lc no. QA273.G3124 1996
Dewey no. 519.5--dc20
Paperback Price: 19.95/US$24.99

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