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Captain Ambrose Fitzgerald

Ambrose Fitzgerald was the only man in Texas to be the County Clerk of 3 counties simultaneously; all without having to move from the family farm. In 1848 he was the first clerk for Van Zandt county, in 1850 Wood county; and 1852 Rains county. In 1862 Colonel R.B.Hubbard raised Officers and troopers for his 22nd Infantry regiment; and graciously accepted a commission as a Captain over E Company. Company E first saw combat at the battle of Sabine Pass, 08 September 1863. Company E saw combat later on at the Battle of Bayou Bourbeau 03 November 1863. Company E was captured in its entirety at the Battle of Fort DeRussy on 14 March 1864. Fort De Russy was attacked by Brig. Gen A.J.Smith & Brig Gen Joseph Mower. The fort was defended by Lt Colonel William Byrd of the Texas 22nd infantry Regiment and " E " company. At 18:30 hours, ( 6:30 ) General Mower Oredered a charge on the fort, and about 20 minutes later; Gen Mowers men scaled the walls of Ft.DeRussy. Bloody and desperate Hand to Hand combat ensued the breaching of the forts perimeter. Company E, and the various Garrision defenders were sent off to Ft Leavenworth Kansas ; where Captain Ambrose Fitzgerald signed in at 21 march 1864.
When Captain Ambrose Fitzgerald was released at the end of the war; his first wife had died from cholera. He was soon reappointed as the County Clerk for Rains County; and remarried a second time. In 1869 Ambrose Fitzgerald was ordained a Baptist Minister. In 1871 his second wife died giving childbirth; ans was soon again wedded a third and last time. Rev . Ambrose Fitzgerald administerred the ordinance of baptism to future governor Jim Stephan Hogg. Ambrose Fitzgerald died at the ripe old age of 65 on 15 June 1893 in Emory Texas.
Ambrose had fathered over 18 children during his lifetime, seven of whom survived to carry on his name.
Source:David Shaddox

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