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Kids Playground of Knowledge

Parents,please take the time to be with your children while they are on the Internet...
Surfing the Net with Kids
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{Free Computer Crafts } { White Board "Fun to Draw with"}
{ Build a Monster} { Web Channels for Kids} { Purple Moon}
{ Planet Diary} { SchoolHouse Rock 3rd & 4th Grade}
{ Michaels Kids Clud Projects} { Download a Dinosaur}
{ Beadie Critters} { Idea Box} { PreSchoolArt}
{ Math Arts} { Earthways } { Bubbles, Rainbow, & Worms}
{Everybody has a Body} { Hug A Tree} { MudPies to Magnets}
{ Learnign Letters from all 5 senses} { Story Stretchers }
{ Free Stuff for Kids & Parents} { Kids.Com} { Scribble Pad}
{ Kid Domain} { Game Power} { Crayons And Computers}
{ Children's Stories, Poems, Pictures Etc.} { Not Just for Kids}
{ Berit's Sites for Kids} { Flags} { US Space and Rocket Center}
{ Insects} { Homework Helper} { NASA} { The Smithsonian Institution}
{ Young Astronomers} { Educational Launch Pad} { Jason Project}
{ Bill Nye The Science Guy} { Aniamal Guessing Game}
{ Children's Joke Page}{ Kids Software Online}
{ Crafts and Games}{ Kid's Corner} {For Kids Naturely}
{Virtual Journey into the Universe }{The Space Place}


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