R. C. Helicopter Photo Page
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R. C. Helicopter Photo Page

A while ago, I was searching the net looking for a photo of a Remote Control helicopter with a Hughes 500 body.
After a few days, I finally ran across one.
I was thinking that it would be really nice to have one place to go where you could find photos of just about every type of RC helicopter you could think of.

I hope to turn this into a visual reference site for identifying RC helicopters of all types.

If, while surfing, you see any photos on the net you would like to see included here, or corrections I can make, Please E-mail me.
I'm sure there are a few photos that may need to be moved into different categories, etc...
Your help in making this as accurate and complete as possible would be greatly appreciated.

Constructive criticisms and suggestions are always welcome.

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If you need to , or want to reach me, drop me an E-mail at:

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Kavan Models
Various Scale Models
Vario Scale Heli Kits
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Thanks, and I hope you enjoy my page