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This is my Kavan Page. (and my Kavan Jet Ranger)

Here are some other Kavan's.

I'm looking for more photos to put on here, so please be patient.

If you have some or know of someone who has an old Kavan (In any condition from new in the box, to old, wrecked and crashed) Please tell them to drop me a line.

Great News! Someone just sent me a link of a shop that sells Kavan Parts. If you are looking for parts, go to:

Udisco Online (Out of Canada)




I have had quite a few people e-mail me and ask me

What's it worth?

Well, I am going to tell you what it's worth.

As people tell me what they got for their helicopter, I'll post what they are worth here.

Although most inquiries are for new kits in the box, some are for parts or already built birds.

So e-mail me with what you have. If I don't buy it myself, I'll post it for free for you so people who look here

(like you just did)

can find you and perhaps buy your helicopter.

As of August 10, 2006, the most recent value of a Kavan Jet Ranger "New In Box kit" is _______

(I'll fill in the amount once I see what my first responder wants to receive for his).

Please come back and visit again!