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Tuesday, August 29, 2000

F inally the J & C Report has been updated. The J & C Report has been updated for today. The J & C Report is a reported updated biweekly or triweekly with the latest news, rumors, and opinions on professonal wreslting.

Sunday, Janurary 30, 2000

T The Second Chamber has been updated for today.

Wednesday, December 22, 1999

W ell guys, it was bound to happen sometime. This is a hard thing to do after holding this page, in one form or another, for a good 4 years. But I have to shut it down. Only for a while though. I plan to be back sometime in the future. The page was becoming more of a chore every day. I am sure all of you could see the lackluster efforts too. Please keep in touch with the page though, J&C may still do updates and Adam may make some announcement on what he will be doing. So for now, farewell and Merry Christmas, and please keep in touch because I will be back eventually. I swear. Take it easy guys. By the way, here are two good links to go to in the meantime:


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