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God has always been my inspiration especially since I started transcribing my books. Please read "GOD'S MOUNTAIN TOP VISION" that I have been blessed with.

My books are a valuable research aid for your Family History research. Each book contains NAMES AGES OCCUPATIONS VALUES AND BIRTHPLACES. I have transcribed these books to the best of my capabilities and I am sure that I have made some mistakes. I hope that these books will help you complete your Family Tree. They are complete with indexes in each book and are soft-book form. If you are interested in an area not listed please let me hear from you.

I have now added a few other web pages to my web sites. One of them is "CD ROM Census Records" and the other is "World Genealogy Records". Both are proving to be valuable research sources.

Mary's Other Pages

God's Mountain Top Vision
1850 Census Records
World Birth & Death Records
World Genealogy Records thru 1899
World Wedding Bells thru 1899
Links To Help You Climb Your Tree
Census Records on CD ROM

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