The Xena and Gabrielle XXX Scrolls 1-40 Summaries

O Votes- Scroll 1- Hearts Under Siege

Xena and Gabrielle tell some of the behind the scenes events in Amphipolis Under Siege.

0 Votes-Scroll 2-Coming Clean

After the events of Ulysses and The Price, Xena feels the need to relieve a little tension, only to be followed by Gabrielle. (non-explicit)

1 Vote- Scroll 3-Breaking Down the Barriers

A continuation of Scroll 2, Xena and Gabrielle finally admit their feelings for each other and make love for the first time.

0 Votes- Scroll 4-The Furies Revisited

Even after Xena's punishment by the Furies has come to an end, Xena can't put certain images involving Gabrielle, a tree, and some vines out her mind. (mild bdsm)

0 Votes- Scroll 5-Sometimes A Dream Is Only a Dream

Gabrielle is having trouble sleeping because Athena is invading her dreams. Xena relates her own dream about Callisto, in an effort to help Gabrielle. (bdsm)

8 Votes- Scroll 6-Who Is Conquering Whom?

Xena is fighting dark thoughts after defeating the Persians, and Gabrielle is only too willing to help Xena get over her battle lust.

3 Votes- Scroll 7-Hands On Experience

While relaxing in their own private glen, Xena encourages Gabrielle to take matters into her own hands. Gabrielle is too embarrassed, so Xena shows her how it's done.

1 Vote- Scroll 8-Blondes Wear Leather Too

A healthy dose of jealousy over Xena's relationship with a stable girl prompts Gabrielle to change her wardrobe and take charge for a night.

4 Votes- Scroll 9-Got Trust?

Dealing with strong emotions after the deaths of Anthony and Brutus, Xena calls all the shots in an evening of wild lovemaking. (bdsm)p>

1 Vote- Scroll 10-Does a Pair of Amazon Queens Beat a Warrior Princess?

Xena and Gabrielle head to the Amazon village for Varia's queening ceremony, and Varia admits to Xena she's been saving something just for her. (threesome)

1 Vote- Scroll 11-Healing

While Gabrielle suffers from the events of Legacy and The Abyss, Xena plans a surprise destined to raise her spirits.

3 Votes- Scroll 12-Memories of Illusia

Xena and Gabrielle recount the memories of some time spent alone while in Illusia, only to find they were both experiencing similar scenarios that bear repeating. (bdsm)

3 Votes- Scroll 13-Command Performance

Gabrielle seems bent on making Xena angry, and it works. Xena takes it upon herself to punish the mischievous bard. (bdsm)

1 Vote- Scroll 14-All For Xena

Xena is hurting from her guilty conscience of ripping apart Borias' family, and Gabrielle creates a plan to help Xena heal.

4 Votes- Scroll 15-She Knows

Set after the events of A Family Affair, Xena and Gabrielle rekindle their love, in the process giving Lila an education on how it can be between two women.

1 Vote- Scroll 16-Cutting It Close

The visions of her and Gabrielle's death prevent Xena from wanting to take the mistress role, but she doesn't resist when Gabrielle wants to take charge. (bdsm)

5 Votes- Scroll 17-The Scarlet Letter

Gabrielle's seasickness and menstrual cramps do nothing to keep Xena from experiencing her battle lust after the events of When in Rome. Xena convinces Gabrielle that any time of the month is the right time for love making. (Extremely graphic)

2 Votes- Scroll 18-Kindred Souls

Xena is feeling smothered in the village of young Amazons, but has resigned herself to stay without complaining. Finally, during the end of their stay, she plans a getaway for just her and her bard.

0 Votes- Scroll 19-Reunions

Xena and Gabrielle detail their time in Gurkhan's palace, as both of them fight with strong emotions. Later, on the trip home, both Eve and Sara come to realize what the nature of Xena and Gabrielle's relationship is.

4 Votes- Scroll 20-Amazon Truths

Xena and Gabrielle admit what happened when they first met up with Ephiny and the rest of the Amazon tribe, which leads to a night of impassioned love making at Xena's direction. (bdsm)

7 Votes- Scroll 21-Genesis

Due to give birth any day, Xena's discomfort can only be alleviated by Gabrielle's knowing touch.

4 Votes- Scroll 22-Dark Remnants

With Lucifer now reigning in Hell, Xena and Gabrielle find their hearts still clouded with dark desires. Xena acts upon them, giving them both a night of erotic pleasure and making up. (bdsm)

2 Votes- Scroll 23-Finding A Balance

The setting of paradise is the perfect spot for several steamy encounters, but Xena senses there is trouble brewing with Gabrielle falling deeper under Aiden's influence.

2 Votes- Scroll 24-I Will Never Leave You

Dark thoughts begin to threaten taking over Xena's actions as she and Gabrielle continue to stay at Aiden's palace. It's only through Gabrielle's faith in the Warrior Princess that she is able to defeat the urges her brain seems to be sending her. (bdsm)

6 Votes- Scroll 25-Predestined…

As the Empress of Rome, Xena is well acquainted with loneliness until a golden haired playwright steps into her life. In a secret bedroom, Xena takes the playwright's virginity, as they steal each other's hearts.

4 Votes- Scroll 26--…In Any World

The night of passion continues, with Gabrielle eager to learn how to return the pleasure to Xena. Later, at the cruel hands of Caesar and Alti, Gabrielle makes a desperate attempt to bring the real world back to her and Xena.

0 Votes- Scroll 27-The Good Parts

A freezing cold night in a barn leads to a promise Gabrielle makes Xena. She keeps her promise, bringing out some of Xena's more basal needs at the same time.

4 Votes- Scroll 28-No One Else

Gabrielle's jealousy over Xena's flirtation causes her to get drunk, and then have her way with a confused Warrior Princess. (bdsm)

1 Vote- Scroll 29-Blood Will Have Blood

Xena is injured in a fight, preventing Gabrielle from loving her the way she wants. After being separated for nearly a week, Gabrielle returns only to find Xena hesitant to let Gabrielle make love to her. Through persistence and love, Gabrielle gets what she wants. (Extremely graphic)

O Votes- Scroll 30-Playing the Palace

Xena and Gabrielle are able to totally relax and share their passions in a palace suite provided by some royal friends of Xena.

Scroll 31-The Snow Owl

In our most controversial scroll, Gabrielle has turned to the Way of Love, which doesn't include Xena. Xena, on the other hand, turns to Sharona, a rival warrior who is relentless in her pursuit of Xena.

Scroll 32- Jess and Melissa

Xena and Gabrielle's friend Delle, the whorehouse madam is having problems with money being stolen from her clients. Xena and Gabrielle go undercover to find out who is behind the thefts.

Scroll 33-Glimpses

Xena and Gabrielle have been resurrected, but Xena has lost her memory. The only thing she seems to remember is a certain fair haired bard.

Scroll 34- Fire and Ice

Xena, nearly frozen while rescuing a drowning child, gets deathly ill, but can't rest due to her hallucinations of sexual torture at the hands of Gabrielle. (BDSM)

Scroll 35- A Devi of a Time

Part one of this trilogy of scrolls is very intense, as Xena has her first run in with Tataka in the bedroom. After making Xena suffer, the Warrior Princess turns the tables. (extreme BDSM)

Scroll 36- Devi in a Pearl Dress

The conflict continues as Xena and Gabrielle try again to make love, only to have Tataka threaten to take control. Xena won't let it happen this time, however. (BDSM)

Scroll 37- The Devi Made Me Do It

Xena and Eli finally manage to free Gabrielle of the evil Tataka, and the girls find their way to their room to celebrate.

Scroll 38- Home For the First Time

Xena and Gabrielle travel to Amphipolis, and Cyrene is made aware of the nature of their relationship.

Scroll 39-Buttons

Xena and Gabrielle continue to enjoy their time in Amphipolis, as Xena takes the bard to meet an old friend who is full of surprises.

Scroll 40-Home Is Where the Bard Is

Xena does some home repairs to Cyane's inn, and loses her underwear in the process.

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