Amazon Vows--Gabrielle's Scroll

I can’t say I always agreed with the logic of every single Amazon tradition, and this was one of those times. But acting as Queen and also the one officiating the ceremony, I had to at least walk the walk while leading my tribe. I can remember the look on her face when I told her how long it would remain in effect.

“A week,” she said, standing there with her arms crossed, looking taller than normal with eyes so brilliantly blue I felt I could see through her head.

“Uh huh…a week.” My mouth grew dry as I waited for her response.

“A week.” Twisting her mouth and biting the inside of her lip, I could see her nostrils flare a tiny bit as she started piecing the time frame together. “And when is the wedding?”

I kicked at the dirt and watched as the powder covered the toe of my boot. “In five days?” Gods. I watched to make sure she didn’t reach for her chakram.

Thanks to Solari’s discovery at least a day’s ride from the camp, Xena had been gone on an investigation case for six days, leaving me very hot and bothered and ready for her return. And now it was going to be another week before we could make love. Math has never been my forte, but I was thinking it was too damn long.

In reality though, Xena handled it far better than I thought she would. She spent most of her time AWAY from me, and at first, I was hurt, but she soon convinced me that if I expected her to be able to handle the chastity vow, it was the only way she could do it. Just seeing her need when we talked, hearing her tell me how much she desired me seemed to help me conquer my own frustrations. Somehow, someway, we’d make it.

If I hadn’t loved Xena so much, I never would have worked up the guts to pleasure her in the presence of the other Amazons. True, they had other things on their minds, but I felt much more comfortable when Xena had lifted me into her strong arms, and carried me to our hut.

She released me from her arms and put me down on the bed, our bodies blending together as she stretched herself over me, covering me completely. Her hair hanging down and coiling up on my shoulder, she leaned in slowly until our lips became a whisper apart, saying, “I’ve missed you,” before letting her mouth feast on mine.

Holding her this close was heaven. Feeling her nipples grind into me as she started pressing her mound into mine, I spread my legs wider and encouraged more movement from her hips. The way she made me feel as she mandated an intoxicating rhythm by rolling her hips and pushing herself into me left me speechless, a helpless mute held prisoner in a body on fire.

I felt her hand make its way beneath her own cunt as she pulled herself back. When her weight returned against me, I felt two of her fingers spread me apart and enter friendly territory. It was a welcomed assault.

My accompanying groans soon became much too audible and I quickly concentrated on holding the volume down. “Let it go, Gabrielle…” she encouraged, and we both felt the effects of her raspy voice on her already soaked fingers. She now had three fingers inside me, her palm turned up and her fingers searching for the special spot. It’s funny how any spot seemed special when her body had contact with mine.

Occasionally she would let her thumb work my clit into a state of frenzy, but then pull back to ensure my climax would not be premature. Knowing I would be reaching this state of arousal many more times before the sun woke up, she still prolonged my ride for as long as possible.

Scooting herself off me, she remained buried deep inside and landed on her knees so that she had perfect access to my pussy. “Oh yeah…this is the perfect view…I love watching your clit reach for my mouth” she said; lowering her head the whole time she spoke. “Mmmmm…” she hummed deep in her throat, her approval of tonight’s menu driving me close to my target.

I raised my head and saw her gorgeous face looking back at me. She swirled her tongue around my clit as she sucked my length into her mouth, beginning to thrust her fingers inside me again and this time, a little harder. Her left hand made its way up my stomach and then to my breasts, squeezing them by the handful and then releasing her grip as she let her palm rub lightly over the tops of my very extended nipples.

She shoved her fingers inside me and kept her hand still as she began tracing my pussy with her outstretched tongue. I felt her lick all the way past her fingers and then come back up my slit, pushing her tongue inside my hole. She stretched me tightly and began moving her fingers and her head back and forth, her nose nudging against my clit and her noises threatening to make me find that point of release. Eleven days was definitely too long, but the reward was suddenly becoming evidently sweet.

I dug my feet into the edge of the mattress and pushed my hips even closer toward her loving mouth, begging for more of what she was offering. Deep inside my sex, my incredible hunger began finding satisfaction, and soon it was spreading throughout my entire body. The vibration of her moans against my cunt soon had my back arching and my nipples rising in worship to the Goddess of Orgasm.

Hours later, our bodies spent and our food tray empty, we sunk deep into our bed. I stroked her hair as she rested her head on my chest, both of us too exhausted to move another muscle. Maybe there was something to these Amazon traditions after all.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Ever since seeing the final episodes of Xena, A Friend in Need 1 and 2, I’ve told Kye that I refuse to accept it as the end. However, it didn’t stop us from both becoming angry and saddened by the way Rob Tapert (et al.) decided to end the series. Next week is part 1 of what will more than likely be a three part series of scrolls on how we pick up the action after Friend in Need. These scrolls are full of anger and betrayal and many of the other emotions Kye and I feel over FIN. There are going to be scenes that are going to upset some readers, but we promise, if you stick with us, you’ll be much more satisfied with these scrolls than the series finale. And these scrolls do NOT signal the end of the XXX Scrolls…merely another tale in Xena and Gabrielle’s amorous adventures, and, in fact, a doorway for scrolls that take place after the Jappa trip.

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