Making Amends--Gabrielle's Scroll

My negotiation with Ming T’ien had failed miserably. I was led to believe that if Xena confessed her crime, she would be banished from Chin. I had slapped her in the presence of Ming T’ien when she was brought before his throne, because I was desperately grasping for any measure to get her to speak. She had vowed within herself to remain silent, I could see that. And once Xena set something in her mind, there would be no change.

I had betrayed her. Plain and simple. But it was a long time before I let myself see the truth of my actions. I blamed the reason for my betrayal as some sort of righteous act to prevent her turning back to the way of murder. I felt she was betraying herself if she did that, which was true. But in the end, I saw that jealousy had forced me to strike a deal with Ares. Xena’s love for Lao Ma was evident once she began speaking about the past. I think the sheer longevity of our relationship made it the one of the most special either of us had experienced, but I didn’t realize she had someone so exquisite as Lao Ma in her past. How could she walk away from that? I think the regret I heard in her voice spoke loud and clear. She felt her weakness is what betrayed her, regardless of my actions.

Xena’s relationships with Borias and Marcus were based more on having both a fuck and a fellow ruler. She enjoyed partnerships with men because of what it afforded her. Power. She could get so much further with the help of a man behind her. She and Borias’ plan to find wealth in Chin changed her life forever. But now I realize that if Lao Ma had never existed in Xena’s life, I wouldn’t be able to hold her today. She didn’t expect to fall in love with Lao Ma. But she knew something was different when her heart was willing to submit. Lao Ma was feminine and soft, yet had more strength than all of Xena’s boy toys combined. Xena had come close to finding perfection in her. There was nothing that could compare to the love of a woman, especially one so wise as Lao Ma.

All this became even clearer when I visited Xena in prison. After Ming T’ien ordered her execution he allowed me to talk to her.

The guards led me down a cold stairway, the smell of soured, filthy water becoming stronger the farther we walked down. Surely they wouldn’t keep humans confined this way…but I soon learned they did. It was a horrendous place. Gods, I would never forgive myself for what I caused her to be put through!

I stepped into the water, my stomach threatening to heave with each step. I spotted Xena sitting on some sort of structure that let the prisoners sit above the water, if they kept their body uncomfortably still. She had heavy boards to support around her neck, her head separated by the boards from her body.

I never looked back, making my way to her and seeing only her. She refused to look at me and just stared ahead. “Can we talk?” I didn’t expect her to answer, but I had to at least try to get her to listen to me. “Of course not, I betrayed you. The pathetic thing is…I thought I was saving you. My reverence for life kept a brutal tyrant in power and led to my best friend’s execution. I know you hate me, Xena…no more than I hate myself.”

If she chose to ignore me, then at least I had my say. All I could do was pray now. It was out of my hands.

Finally she scooted down to stand beside me in the water. Her face was still dirty from the night she attempted to kill Ming T’ien. The dark circles under her eyes revealed the sleep she had lost. Comparing our places in his palace, I felt guilty to have had nice clothes to wear and food fit for a king. “Scratch my nose, will ya?” she finally said, and all I could do was sob. I tried to accommodate her needs by scratching her nose and then she allowed me to touch her face, to hold it gently in my hand. I had no idea it could have gone this far.

She suddenly softened and told me, “I know you only did what you thought was right…I was angry with you, but I didn’t hate you. I never could…”

“Xena, I think I understand now why you felt like you had to kill Ming T’ien. It was Lao Ma’s last request…and she saved your life.”

“Not just my life,” she said, “she saved my soul…my spirit…my entire being.” She talked much more openly about Lao Ma, and the more she spoke of her, the more I respected the Chin woman. But it was too late. I had allowed the damage to be done.

I stayed with her until the guards retrieved me. We couldn’t really share an open kiss, and I locked my eyes with hers for as long as possible. My heart felt like it was being ripped out.

“Xena…please…we can find a way out of this…Lao Ma wouldn’t have sent for you if she didn’t think you had the capability of surviving. She knew what you’d face if you made it this far.”

The guards kept bidding me to come back to the doorway. “I love you, Xena,” I whispered. “I’m so…sorry.” It just seemed so lame to even let the words form on my lips. It wasn’t going to change anything. I had to have confidence in Xena’s skills, because I felt that I couldn’t go on if they actually executed her.

I waited in Ming T’ien’s Court for Xena’s arrival. All was silent as we waited, my pulse becoming louder and louder in my ears. Soon the doors opened and she was led in and placed on the table that Lao Ma had last occupied. As her wrists and ankles were restrained, I saw her close her eyes and seem to lose contact with all that was around her. She seemed completely peaceful. I was anything but.

I’ve written this before, but it is true again. I was amazed at what I experienced, watching Xena’s extraordinary powers. She proceeded to destroy most of the palace and put the Green Dragon in his place. She had me lead the others to safety while she talked with Ming T’ien, and as quickly as possible I returned to her. She was telling Ming he had lost face with his people, and they would no longer honor him. For some strange reason, he didn’t move and just sat there like a corpse.

Xena was able to carry Lao Ma’s book of wisdom out of the palace, which was the last thing she had to remember her by. There was no one more worthy to have possession of it. Xena had proven Lao Ma’s faith in her had not been in vain.

We made our way to where Xena had left her leathers in some nearby woods. After quickly cleaning up and changing into her leathers, we kept traveling until we reached the next village, determined to get away from the grateful people who had been freed from Ming T’ien’s tyranny when he lost face.

Later in our room, I asked, “Why don’t you come take a bath with me, Xena?”

“I’d love to,” she said, removing her armor and leathers. Her body had bruises and cuts where she had been beaten. I was hoping the warm water and a nice massage would help soothe her injuries.

She ended up falling asleep in the tub, but it was a much needed sleep. I just watched her sleep for a while, and after she awoke, I rubbed the knots and stiffness out of her back muscles. I then focused my attention on a much more important little muscle. I made my move to sitting across her lap with my thighs spread against her mound. Our kisses were hungry and we spent a lot of time just touching and being together. It had been almost two weeks since we had seen each other, and even then we were having our first problems in the bedroom. I think now we were very happy to be in each other’s arms, and our love had reached another level. Adversity always seemed to strengthen our bond.

We moved our make out session to the bed, Xena immediately diving between my legs and bringing me to explode again and again in her mouth. She had told me that Lao Ma had been able to reach orgasm without being touched, and Xena was able to do the same thing. I told her the old fashioned way worked just fine with me, and after a few hours of sleep, she let me demonstrate.

It was still dark when I opened my eyes to see her looking at me. We were lying comfortably with our mattresses pulled together, and she was lying on her side with her head propped in her hand. I reached and pulled down the covers so that her breasts greeted me, and I in turn greeted them with my mouth. She moaned and I gently pushed her shoulder so that she was lying on the silk pillows. “Gods, you are beautiful…” I whispered, leaning down to lick over her slightly parted lips. “Don’t move…” I told her, and continued exploring her mouth, pleased that she was giving me time to love her the way I had ached to love her.

I loved kissing her. The warmth and softness of her mouth felt so good against mine, and soon her arm was wrapping around my neck, pulling me against her and letting her desire be known. I had no intention of disappointing her.

I pulled away much to her protest, but what I came back to bed with made her happy. “Will you put this on for me?” I asked, handing her the phallus.

“Oh yeah…” she said, smiling that full-lipped smile that got my stomach every time. I sat cross-legged in the bed and watched as she became my Warrior Stud. Zeus she turned me on! “How’s that?” she asked, stroking her length and making my pussy gulp with anticipation. “Oh that’s nice…” I said, rising up on my knees to reach for her and bring her to bed.

I pushed her back down on the bed again and raised my left thigh so that I could straddle her hips. Not going down on her yet, I held myself up on all fours and let my breasts trail against hers, taking our breath as we felt the fire building. I looked between my legs to see a clear trail of desire seeping down the inside of my thigh. Leaning down to kiss her again, I said, “Touch me, Xena…”

She reached between my legs and spread her fingers through my juices. “You’re so wet…” she said, seeming almost surprised. “All for you…” I whispered, losing my sense of speech the longer she touched me. Soon she was spreading my glistening moisture liberally across both my nipples and then sucking the remains, making my clit throb. Then I felt her scooting her body up the bed, moving the pillows behind her so that she was propped up and reaching for me. “Come here…sit on me…”

I started crawling the short distance and stopped to lower my head over her erection, giving her all the visual and physical stimulation I could perform. I heard her breathing increase and felt her hand stroking the back of my hair. Soon her left hand was grabbing her cock and pushing it further into my mouth, and I found my way beneath the harness so that I could feel her pussy dripping with desire. Before taking another mouthful, I growled, “That’s it, Baby…jack yourself off in my mouth…let me suck you so hard…”

I felt her responding to my words and managed to position my fingers so that she could feel me rubbing back and forth along her slit as her hips rolled forward. She was pressing the phallus back into her clit, and with me making contact with her pussy, she was quickly finding breathtaking pleasure. I covered her fist with my hand, simply getting off on feeling her give her own body pleasure…feeling her stroke her own dick and seeing how good it made her feel. It’s like I could feel her sensations, and I was getting close to discovering Lao Ma’s technique for myself.

“Gods!” she screamed, her head leaning back against the wall and her entire body shuddering with release. I stayed connected with her center, making sure all bases were covered and that she felt the effects of her labor as long as possible.

While her chest was still heaving as she caught her breath, I crawled the rest of the way so that I was standing on my knees and straddling the phallus. “Do you mind if I sit here?” I asked, smiling and receiving a smile as I leaned in for a kiss.

“Please…” she said, repositioning her body and grabbing my hipbones to help guide me over her length. “Make yourself comfortable,” she said, pushing herself into me as I let her pull me down onto her at the same time. My eyes closed as she slowly filled me, hearing her give an “Oh yes” in approval at how our bodies fit together.

Once that I was sitting completely on her length, she leaned up and pressed her chest into mine again, pressing the back of my ass harder into her as she began moving into me. “I’ve missed you, Xena,” I said, taking her face in my hands and kissing her over and over. “I’ve missed you…” she said, leaning back against the pillows again so that she could move more freely beneath me.

She rolled her hips beneath me in a circular motion, telling me “I love watching myself fuck you…” as I rode her, taking every inch of her cock inside me. I soon coaxed her to change positions and follow me over as I lay my body back against the bed. Holding her outstretched body between my thighs, I felt like I couldn’t possibly love her any more. Having her inside me was what I had needed for so long.

“Make love to me…”

“Like this?” she said, slowly pulling her hips back and then pressing back inside me.

“Just like this…” I told her, wanting it to be slow and lasting. This had been the first time we had made perfect love since before we went to Britannia. I blocked everything out except my Warrior’s body covering mine, filling me inside with her love.

She laid her body on top mine, holding me close as she continued her slow, grueling pace…but it was steadily building to an intense peak of ecstasy. I was constantly aware of the way she moved her body, how her muscles flexed and strained, and how the sweat managed to drip so erotically between her breasts.

“Is it okay, Baby?” she asked, seeming to maybe doubt that she was doing me much good. “Oh yeah…very okay…” I told her, finding her tiny crisis of self-doubt enough to start pushing me over the edge. She may not have understood how much I wanted to remember every second of her making love to me. Being back in her embrace was something I cherished. I had come so close to losing her, and it was a loss I could not have endured.


“Yeah? Can you come for me?”

I looked up to see her continually drilling into me, increasing her rhythm and watching me with very open eyes. I didn’t need to respond in any other way…my body showed her exactly what she needed to know.

Our bodies remained tangled for quite some time, and when the sun peeked through the window, we settled in for a very long nap.

COMING NEXT WEEK: It’s a most intense scroll that finds Gabrielle suffering her first true battle lust after the events at Helicon, and finding Xena a willing participant in helping her deal with it.

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