And She Came--Gabrielle's Scroll

It seemed that I felt a continuing sense of danger around Xena, but I kept waiting for her to come back for me. I had no idea where she was or how we got separated, but I didn’t know these woods and I had to keep my confidence that she would find me. Giving up was not an option.

I suddenly realized warmth on my lips—the lips of my lover. When my very heavy eyes opened, I was hoping this wasn’t a dream, too. I couldn’t quite figure out everything that was going on around us. Xena was wearing a white gown and long white boots. I sat up and wrapped my arms around her neck, enjoying how her body felt holding mine tightly against her.

“I dreamed you’d come back for me,” I told her.

“It was like I was in a dream too…I forgot everything. And even though I couldn’t remember who you were…I felt your presence. I knew I wouldn’t be complete unless those shadows were brought into the light.” Xena definitely had her poetic moments.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep, it didn’t feel like it was an inordinate amount of time, but long enough for my hair to grow long.

All hell seemed to break loose around us as soon as we shared our brief reunion, and I remembered that Brunhilda had sacrificed her form to become a flame for me, and she had kept her promise. We both heard her voice, reminding Xena of what she must do. “Xena…the ring…the ring…” Xena told me, “I forged this ring…now I have to undo the evil that it has created.”

Grindel was on the attack, and Xena lured her into the cavern, as an injured Beowulf and I took cover as a huge explosion came from the cave. I was sick for the few seconds it took Xena to come stumbling out, and then shocked when I saw the young blonde woman walking out, too. It was Grinhilda, looking none the worse for wear. The ring had turned into a chunk of gold, and I knew Xena wanted to return it to the Rhine Maidens. I heard Xena tell Grinhilda, “Let’s get you home.”

Beowulf offered his good-bye and kissed my hand. I couldn’t believe he had feelings for me, especially when it clearly wasn’t mutual. But I knew he was the reason that Xena and I were back together. If he hadn’t located Xena, I would still be asleep. And only Xena could have penetrated the flames to give me my wake-up kiss. He had accepted that Xena and I were meant to be together. So had Brunhilda, and in their own ways, they did show their love for me.

We delivered Grinhilda back to Valhalla and then the Rhine Gold to the Rhine Maidens. I had seen more peculiar things today than ever in my life, and it made sleeping in an ice cave for 25 years seem like a normal event.

All that really mattered to me was that Xena was safe and sound, and that we would be going back home and making up for lost time with some serious loving. We were finally on the road and in search of a private place to stop for the night. When we located a nice, private sport for a campsite, I started a fire and threw my bedroll around Xena’s shoulders. She was so sweet to ask if hadn’t rather stay in an Inn, but I told her that I didn’t think I’d be needing much sleep, and besides, I didn’t want to waste time getting my hands on her.

She asked if I’d make dinner, so I used the skills Xena had taught me to locate some vegetables and made soup. I enjoyed cooking and hearing Xena work on the blade of her sword while she waited on dinner. It was like nothing had kept us unconscious or clueless about our existence for the past year. When the soup was simmering, I joined her on her bedroll.

“You warming up?” I asked her. I knew that just from looking at her, my private little cove was getting quite warm.

“Mm hmm…just fine…”, answering with a seductive look in her eye.

“How are you feeling?”

“Well-rested…but a little out of it too.”

We talked a little bit about some of things that had happened, with Odin and the Valkyries. But it didn’t take long for the subject to turn to one certain blonde I met along the way.

“What are you saying, Xena?”

“I think Brunhilda had more interest in you than in just protecting you.”

“For Zeus’s sake, what are you saying, Xena? I hate it when you get all cryptic.” I felt my anger rising, because I hated my faithfulness being doubted. I had followed Xena for weeks alone, and only after I had met up with Brunhilda did I find Xena.

”I’m saying that I got the impression that Brunhilda was interested in you for more reasons than she simply wanted to be your friend. She wanted your beauty. She wanted you…and that’s the real reason she grabbed you. The Valkyries was just an excuse.”

I considered what she was saying, and had to put my emotions back and see that she was right. “I think you’re at least partially right.”

“Partially right? Gabrielle? What happened when she grabbed you?”

“Nothing, Xena, I promise. She did talk to me about wanting to be with me, and she told me she was going to earn my love, but she didn’t really know the right way to go about it. She sensed our relationship and thought the way to win my love was by impressing me on the battlefield…that’s why she had such a hard time with your changing. But I finally convinced her that she could never win me over.”

“So she became a ring of fire…she sacrificed herself for you.”


Xena just sat there and stared at me, and I was trying to figure out what her brain was processing. I could tell she wasn’t finished with the interrogation.

“So did it work?”

“Did what work?”

“Did you feel anything for her?”

“Xena, I’m not going to lie to you. I did like Brunhilda, but I certainly didn’t love her! And I never could. Don’t you now my love is reserved only for you?”

I leaned over and met her mouth for our first real kiss in a long time. It was filled with passion and desire, leading me right where I wanted to be. “That was SO what I needed,” I told her. She invited me to join her under her bedroll and I sat with my legs across her lap and resumed our kiss.

“Hey, Xena?”

“Mm hmm?”

“I’ve been uh…out of the real world for a year or so, right?”

“Yeah…” she replied, unlacing my shirt and concentrating solely on getting me undressed.

“So what did you do that whole time?”

Oh boy. And I just thought the story was weird. She married a sweaty, big Viking named Hrothgar? I was suddenly a little irritated that she made such a big deal over Brunhilda’s crush on me. “You were jealous of Brunhilda while you were off getting married?”

She tried to calm me right away and told me that to keep in mind she had no idea who she was, and at least Hrothgar had made sure she had a place to live and was well provided for. No doubt. If I could find someone so gorgeous without a clue of who she was, walking along the beach, I’d probably take care of her, too.

She reassured me that she wasn’t technically married to him. I decided to let it go, because it was all over and we were back together and hopefully on to better things. “So I don’t have to worry about Hrothgar showing up one night and throwing me out of your bedroll for sleeping with his wife?”

She seemed content to drop it as well, and she gently laid me back on her bedroll, covering us both with my sleeping fur. She had removed her leathers and was wearing only her shift, and the early evening air was getting quite cool. Our fire was nice and warm and the setting was beautiful, the grass carpeting the ground beneath us. She stretched out her long body beside me and took one hand and started unlacing my top.

She leaned down over my mouth and licked over my lips. “There’s more we need to talk about, but right now, I just want to make love to you. I’ve thought about it constantly ever since the dreams started coming.”

I reached up and cupped her breast with my hand, rubbing over her nipple and feeling it harden beneath my stroke. “I think we can do without this…” I told her, tugging at the material. “I really need to see your body…to feel your flesh against mine.”

She gave me a smile and seemed amused that I was so eager to get all her clothes off. “You will…just let me touch you right now…”

She wrapped her left arm under my neck and leaned down to whisper, “I have missed you so much…”

Kissing me deeply, I felt her hand massaging my chest, and soon I was pressing upward to try and gain more contact with her. When she began touching my nipples the way I wanted, I heard my voice escape and say, “Yes, Xena…”

She responded by moving her mouth to my breasts, giving them both plenty of attention and definite purpose. I could feel her touch all the way to my clit, and I really wanted to feel her inside me. I didn’t want to rush it, but I was suddenly anf firmly being reminded it had been a long time since I had enjoyed any release.

I wrapped my arms around her neck and pressed the back of her head with my hand, encouraging her to suck harder and to let her know how wonderful she felt touching me this way. I was close to coming already, and probably could have achieved it…but all I could think of was her hands touching my sex…sliding in and out of my wetness and making me tighten around her. I knew she loved it, too.

“Touch my pussy, Baby…please Xena, touch my clit and bring me over…please…”

She granted my wish and I felt her hand travel down my stomach and up my skirt. She pressed into my mound firmly, setting a rhythm and making my hips follow her. Soon her palm was even wet and my underwear was soaked. She hooked her finger in the side of my panties and I raised my hips as we removed the obstacle. When her fingers finally glided through my lips and started stroking my clit, I wasted no time in exploding right into her hand.

I eventually opened my eyes just in time to see Xena sitting up to pull her shift over her head. “Oh yeah, come down here, Baby,” I told her, pulling her body between my legs and lying her down on top of me. I placed my hands on each side of her ribs and urged her to scoot up just a bit, quickly positioning my mouth just under her breasts as I began my feast. I held her body weight up and let her breasts fall into my mouth. I ran my tongue firmly around each nipple, seeing them respond by growing with need to be sucked and literally devoured.

She humped her mound into mine, and I could have given us both an orgasm very easily, but I needed to taste her. Pulling at her body, I told her, “Xena…I need you in my mouth…I want to bury my tongue inside you…”

I felt her body shiver against me, but she never hesitated crawling up my body and straddling my face with her cunt. I looked up at her, taking my finger and swirling it through her incredible wetness. “Gods, Baby…your pussy is so hot…can you come in my mouth?”

“Yessss…” she said, lowering herself onto my very ready tongue and mouth. I placed my hands on each side of her lower waist, urging her to move back and forth, and soon I felt her rolling her hips and letting my tongue fill her inside. I pulled back out and just let her pussy rub all over my mouth as I tried to make my lips full and give her contact all over her cunt.

“You’re clit is hard, Baby…I can suck it just like a dick…”

I watched above me and saw her eyes close as she leaned back her head and just let herself go. I pressed my lips together around her clit and began hungrily nursing at her, letting my hands go up her stomach to her breasts. Soon I felt her throw her body forward and she was now sitting on all fours over me, enabling herself to fuck my mouth even harder. She thrust forward into my mouth over and over, and soon I felt my own juices dripping from my cunt. She was most definitely hot. “The hottest Warrior Babe in the business,” as Minya put it.

My groans threatened to be louder than hers as she came, and I was certain to slurp each delicious ounce of cum that she pumped into my mouth. She didn’t release my hold on her until she pulled herself off me.

With sweaty bangs and gasping for air, she once again laid beside me, throwing her arm over my waist and this time catching her breath. My lower face was drenched with her fluids, and I was perfectly content.

After a small break, I begged for more. “But I want to taste you, Gabrielle…”

What to do, what to do.

We settled on simultaneous oral stimulation, and soon my hands were full of Warrior ass and my mouth full of her cunt. She had my legs spread far apart, thrusting two fingers deep inside me as she sucked my clit. I went inside her, mirroring her actions, and the intensity of it all was incredibly passionate. She was most definitely my soul mate, and I would never want anyone else.

After another mind-blowing love session, we opted on resting for awhile, just enjoying feeling one another’s bodies and appreciating the total privacy.

We hadn’t talked for several minutes, and I was thinking again about our time apart. “Xena?”


“When did you start having dreams about me? I mean…was I there all along?”

“If you wanna know the truth…I was dreaming about you every night I was with Beowulf. The night before I tangled with Grindel, well, let’s just say that I did more than dreamed you were there.”

“What do you mean more than dreamed it?”

She lifted her head and smiled at me. “I pretended you were there…”

Oh my gods. I felt the color rise to my face as I suddenly remembered a past event I must have blocked out of my mind until now. I had forgotten about the very uncomfortable incident with Brunhilda before we located Xena. How would I tell her? What would I say? Would she think I was lying?

“What is it, Gabrielle?” I noticed that she was holding my chin, looking very worried.

“Uh…I don’t…well…I don’t quite know what to say…” I was extremely nervous about how to handle this, and upset that it had happened. I finally sat up beside her. She rolled over onto her side and looked at me, ready for an answer.

. “Uh, does this have anything to do with your time alone, Gabrielle?”

How did she know?

“Gabrielle…if this is about your touching yourself while we were separated…”

That was even worse. She had no idea I was going to lay this on her. “Xena, I need to tell you something…something that you’re not going to like.” I could hear my heart beating in my ears.

Hesitantly, she said, “Go ahead…tell me.”

“I’m sure it was the same night you were uh…pretending. But I honestly don’t know why I didn’t remember it until you talked about it. I guess I’m so ashamed, I tried to forget what happened.”

She just lay there and looked up at me.

I began explaining what happened on that night…when I woke up to Brunhilda’s touch thinking it was Xena.

“I remember your fingers, finding my own nipples, rubbing very softly over them, almost as if you were exploring them for the first time. I began to moan and opened my legs, begging you to touch my pussy…and then you did.”

I could feel the tears coming on, and as much as I tried to not cry, it was no use. I was too nervous with too much regret not to cry. “Xena, I’m so sorry…I’m so sorry!”

She surprised me by being at my side in an instant, holding me to her. “It’s all right, Gabrielle,”

“No, it’s not all right…I should have been aware immediately it wasn’t your fingers on my body…not your sweet breath whispering in my ear. It never should have taken me so long to come to my senses and push her away. I almost came on her fingers, Xena!”

I felt like I had been unfaithful to her in a sense, even though it was Xena in my mind that was touching me.

“Don’t be ashamed, Gabrielle…neither of us was ourselves, and yet, we both instinctively knew the person we were with wasn’t the right one. We should be celebrating, not crying.”

I sniffed, amazed at her eloquence on this night.

“That’s it, isn’t it? We’ve both told each other the worst of our experiences, right?”

I couldn’t help but laugh, and I felt so much better about all the mess we had gotten into once again. It was good to be back with my baby.

“Yes, Xena,” I told her, pushing her down by her shoulders onto the bedroll. I crawled onto her body and straddled her stomach, letting my still very drenched pussy leave its trail on her skin as I moved my hips back and forth.

I finally put my hands on the bedroll on each side of her head and let my breasts hover just above her mouth. She moaned with approval as she sucked each breast fully into her mouth, and I pressed my cunt harder into her body. I straightened up and reached behind me, urging her to bend her knees and give me access to her center. When I moved my fingers through her slit, I gasped at how wonderful she felt. “Gods Xena…you are so perfect. I love you…”

I easily slipped three fingers inside her, feeling her tighten around me as I started thrusting forcefully into her cunt. She looked up at me, and I told her, “Don’t close your eyes…I want you to come with me. I want to watch you come while you’re watching me…”

She shook her head in agreement, reaching for my breasts as I repositioned myself so that my pussy could grind against hers. “Oh yeah…that’s it…” I said, sitting erect on top of her, fucking her with my hand. My palm was pressing into her clit perfectly, and I felt my own clit tighten with pleasure. “Gabrielle…” she rasped.

And she came.

COMING NEXT WEEK: When she and Xena have to go on separate missions, Gabrielle is kidnapped by a ship’s captain who seems very familiar.

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